WEG: Cia Reis — U.S. Endurance

Horse: Catch A Wave

Home: Pennsdale, PA

At Fort Howes Cia Reis and Catch A Wave clinched their squad berth with a second-place finish and a time of 9:18. Reis has been competing in endurance rides for 10 years and made history last year by winning two AERC National Championships, including 50-mile lightweight title with “Wave” and the 100-mile lightweight title with Jayel Delgado.

Reis and her husband Alex raise Arabians on their farm in Pennsdale, PA, and compete regularly. Prior to becoming hooked on endurance Reis competed in dressage. She’s a dog groomer by profession. Reis and Wave were scheduled to compete in the 2001 Pan American Championships but a slight injury prevented him from running there. According to the AERC Endurance News, Wave has a perfect 100-mile record?seven starts and seven completions.

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