WEG: Steve Rojek — U.S. Endurance

Horse: Finally, 9 year-old, gray, Arab, gelding
Owner: Steve Rojek

Home: South Woodstock, Vermont
Birthdate: April 5, 1945

Steve Rojek, an avid endurance rider for two decades, met his wife, Dinah, at a competition hosted by the Green Mountain Horse Association in Vermont. “We are so fortunate,” said Dinah, “because we enjoy all the same things — friends, travel and, of course, horses.”

The Rojeks have made the sport of endurance an integral part of their lives and they host the Vermont 100 on their farm. Together, Steve and Dinah have shared 28 years together with thousands of hours of it on horseback.

Steve has completed more than 50 100-mile endurance competitions. Throughout his career, Steve has amassed more than 15,000 competitive miles in both endurance and competitive trail riding.

In 1999, Rojek earned a team Gold medal in the Pan American Endurance Championships in Winnipeg, Canada. In 1996, Rojek was a member of the U.S. squad that combined to win the Team Gold medal at the World Endurance Championships in Junction City, Kansas. In 1995, he rode on the Bronze medal-winning team at the North American Endurance Championship and finished fourth individually. In addition, his horse won the Best Condition awards after winning the Fort Valley 100 (Virginia), Far Out Forest 100 (Florida), and the Northeast National Series Championship 100.

While Steve is dedicated to long-distance riding, he’s also a serious dressage student and takes that training to the trails. “We insist on balance, suppleness and straightness of the horse,” said Steve. “We feel, that with this basis, we’ve built strong horses that can go out and do well in endurance rides.” The Rojeks also use foxhunting to keep their horses fit and it’s developed into a passion for them and their horses.

Steve works professionally in manufacturing and retail. He and Dinah, who has completed more than 13,000 miles, have one daughter. They reside on their 600-acre Smoke Rise Farm in South Woodstock, Vermont.

Career Highlights

Team Gold, Pan American Endurance Championship
5th Individual, Pan American Endurance Championship

Team Gold, Pan American Endurance Championship, Winnipeg, Canada

1st — Million Pines Classic 50 & Best Condition Award, GA
5th — Biltmore 100, Asheville, NC

AERC Northeast Region Middleweight Champion
Team Silver Medal, Pan American Endurance Championship, Bend, OR
15th — Pan American Championship, Bend, OR
1st — Far Out Forest 100, Ocala, FL
3rd — Biltmore Endurance 100, Asheville, NC
6th — FEI Endurance World Cup Final, Doha, Qatar (Concertolem)
7th — Florida Classic 100, FL
2nd — Goethe Benefit Challenge EL 100, Dunnellon, FL
3rd — Biltmore 100, Asheville, NC

AERC Northeast Region Reserve Champion Middleweight
Team Gold Medal, World Endurance Championships, Junction City, KS
7th — Individual, World Endurance Championship, KS
1st — Far Out Forest 100, Ocala, FL
2nd — The Homestead 50
4th — Race of Champions, Teasdale, UT
3rd — Carolina Region 12 IAHA 100 & Best Condition Award, Bethune, SC

Team Bronze Medal, North American Endurance Championship, Flagstaff, AZ
4th — Individual, North American Endurance Championship, Arizona
AERC Northeast Middleweight Division Champion
1st — Fort Valley 100 & Best Condition Award, Fort Valley, VA
1st — H.R.C. 50 & Best Condition Award
1st — Vermont – Northeast National Series Championship 100 & Best Condition Award, VT
1st — Far Out Forest 100 & Best Condition Award, Ocala, FL
4th — Race of Champions 100, Teasdale, UT

1st — Vermont 100, South Woodstock, VT
1st — The Biltmore 100, Asheville, NC
3rd — Old Dominion 100, Front Royal, VA

8th — Individual, North American Endurance Championship

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