Equine Nutritionist to Join Purina? Senior Horse Resource Center

The Purina? Senior Horse Resource Center on EquiSearch.com will feature a monthly column on senior horse nutrition and live forum chats with Dr. Katie Young, Purina technical equine nutritionist.

To better serve the needs of senior horses and the people who love them, the Purina? Senior Horse Resource Center on EquiSearch.com has partnered with Dr. Katie Young, Purina technical equine nutritionist. Dr. Young will provide senior horse owners with invaluable resources, including a column on senior horse nutrition and live chats on the forum.

The new Ph.D. column covers a wide variety of topics important to the senior horse

owner, such as weight maintenance and proper body condition, , health concerns, and seasonal considerations for aging horses. In addition, live chats on the forum allow senior horse owners to ask Dr. Young questions and receive real-time answers.

“Today”s horses are living longer lives, and proper nutrition plays a critical role. I’m excited to help other senior horse owners like myself in this role,” said Dr. Young.

Dr. Young has more than 40 years of experience in the horse industry as a rider, trainer and riding instructor. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Missouri State University and holds a doctorate in equine nutrition and exercise physiology from Texas A&M University. In her role as Manager of Equine Nutritional Services with Purina Animal Nutrition, Dr. Young develops and maintains horse feed formulas and standards and provides technical support to customers, sales representatives, dealers and veterinarians.

“We are excited to feature Dr. Young’s considerable expertise on the Purina? Senior Horse Resource Center,” said Equine Network Group Publisher Dave Andrick. “Senior horses are a special part of the equine world, and we’re fortunate to be able to provide wonderful educational resources for the people who care for these horses in their golden years.”

Launched in 2011, the Purina? Senior Horse Resource Center on EquiSearch.com is the online hub for senior horse owners. Rich with information about all aspects of senior horse care, the Resource Center is home to articles, videos, photo galleries and forums.

Visit the Purina? Senior Horse Resource Center at ActiveStill.com.

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