EquiSearch.com and Practical Horseman Magazine to Host "Show Grooming: Prepare like a pro" Webinar with Professional Equine Grooms' Liv Gude

Practical Horseman magazine and EquiSearch.com will present a free webinar with Professional Equine Grooms' Liv Gude.

June 26, 2012–EquiSearch.com and Practical Horseman magazine will host “Show Grooming: Prepare like a pro,” a free webinar with Professional Equine Grooms’ Liv Gude on June 26 at 8:00 p.m. EDT brought to you by Absorbine. Sign up for the webinar at: https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/342822318.

During the hour-long presentation, Liv will prepare riders for upcoming shows by providing a comprehensive overview of show preparations and grooming strategies. She will cover clipping, braiding and more to make your horse stand out in the show ring. There’s more to preparing for a show than just having a well-groomed horse, however. That’s why Liv will also cover packing and travel plans to get you and your horse ready for the road. Liv will discuss important health considerations including your horse’s eating and drinking patterns, his daily routines and his baseline temperature, pulse and respiration rates.

“Legendary horseman George Morris continually says in his monthly ?Jumping Clinic’ column for Practical Horseman that first impressions in the show ring count,” said Editor Sandra Oliynyk. “That’s why we’re pleased to bring you Liv Gude’s webinar. Liv has cared for the horses of top competitors such as Olympians Guenter Seidel and Sue Blinks, so she knows what it takes to enter the arena on a horse who is clearly well cared for and polished. Even if you don’t plan to show, you’ll find her hands-on insights into grooming?from nutrition to recording baseline vital signs to clipping?educational and informative.”

Liv is the founder of Professional Equine Grooms, an organization that seeks to inform and educate the horse world about professional horse grooming while providing ample resources for grooms. Liv began grooming professionally in 2006 and has ridden in a variety of disciplines, including hunters, jumpers, cutting, reining and dressage.

To register for the webinar, please go to: https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/342822318.

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