Equitrekking TV Series Explores on Horseback

Equitrekking, a new television series, explores the world on horseback. Host and producer Darley Newman shares her adventures in an exclusive blog on EquiSearch.com.

Equitrekking™ is the first international travel television series to explore the world on horseback.

Darley Newman (in green) explores Jekyll Island. | Photo courtesy of Equitrekking

After debuting on satellite television on Horse TV in July 2004, Equitrekking had its first showing on broadcast television with a primetime telecast on PBS in New Mexico early in 2006. After the broadcast received immediate praise from viewers, Equitrekking moved forward with plans for an online series that is currently available at Equitrekking.com in addition to a national broadcast series to be shown in High Definition on PBS stations nationwide starting in 2007.

Host and producer Darley Newman has also began writing about her horseback adventures this summer and sharing photos in her brand-new blog Equitrekking on EquiSearch.com.

Equitrekking travels the globe in search of the best in equestrian travel. Newman, an equestrian travel journalist and expert, combines a lifelong passion for horses and travel with a background in radio and television production. Prior to creating Equitrekking, she worked at CBS, the WB, The Talk Radio News Service and on various documentaries and series telecast on PBS.

“I created Equitrekking to combine my passion for horses and travel,” Darley said. “Horseback riding gives you access to remote areas of the globe that can sometimes be inaccessible by other means of transportation. It can take you into the hearts and lives of an area’s local people whose culture has been intertwined with horses throughout history. Equitrekking gives me the opportunity to share my experiences with viewers and now our website makes this all available to anyone anywhere around the world!”

Equitrekking.com includes travel tips to help plan riding vacations, tips from pros in the Experts’ Corner, Equitrekking News, a monthly newsletter and more.

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