EQUUS Foundation Grant Winners Announced


The Board of Directors of The EQUUS Foundation, Inc. announced the award of its 2010 grants to 60 charitable organizations that use the horse to benefit the public; promote the horse’s health and welfare; and advance the equestrian sport.

The EQUUS Foundation is dedicated to securing homes and useful lives for horses, enhancing the lives of people who benefit from horses, and educating the public on the significant impact horses have in our every day lives.

“With our 2010 awards, we have achieved a significant benchmark, now topping $1.5 million in grant awards since our first awards in 2003,” said Jenny Belknap Kees, Board Chairman.

The 2010 Horse Whisperer Grant was awarded to Giant Steps School & The American Institute for Neuro-Integrative Development in Southport, CT. The grant will be used to underwrite the cost of the certified therapeutic riding instruction for the school’s therapeutic riding program at the Fairfield County Hunt Club, which donates the use of its facilities and horses for the program. The Bridgeport Police Mounted Unit, an EQUUS Grant Recipient, also supports the program by donating larger horses for the older children involved.