Jan Weber — Vaulting

Jan Weber first learned about the sport of equestrian vaulting in 1993, when
her children were taking riding lessons. The facility began offering vaulting
classes to supplement the more traditional lessons. The club grew rapidly and
soon the new club was also attending vaulting competitions. Jan became
involved first as club manager, later taking on a role as show secretary for
many regional competitions and selection trials.

She worked with the Region I
vaulting board and was elected to the Executive Board of the American
Vaulting Association in 1997. She travels with the AVA Friendship Team to
promote the sport. In 2001, she was named to the newly formed United States
Equestrian Team Vaulting Committee. Both children retired from vaulting, but
she remains committed to the youth sport, which offered her children valuable
lessons in horsemanship and life skills.

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