Growing Company, Equithrive®, Relocates Headquarters to UK Campus

August 16, 2016–Equithrive®, the developer of the first and only clinically proven joint supplement (Equithrive® Joint), has relocated its Lexington business park offices to the University of Kentucky’s main campus.

Dr. Pat Lawless, Founder and CEO of Equithrive

According to founder, Patrick Lawless, Ph.D., “The company has had a year over year sales increase in excess of 20% from 2015 to 2016. The relocation of our corporate office to the University of Kentucky campus is to expedite the pace of new product development to support continued growth. The move has afforded us the opportunity to more closely collaborate with academic researchers possessing expertise that can aid us in the development of new technology to support equine health and performance.”

Dr. Lawless explained, “We do not have a formal affiliation with the University of Kentucky. I received my doctorate from the University of Kentucky’s Biology Department. Therefore, I was well aware of the intellectual capital and research capabilities that are available on campus. The goal of this move was to leverage our core capabilities through collaboration with UK faculty members. Our offices and laboratory are now located in the engineering corridor of campus, specifically in the Advanced Science and Technology Commercialization Center (ASTeCC).”

Equithrive continues to focus on new therapies that address chronic inflammatory conditions in horses, including arthritis and equine metabolic syndrome (EMS). The company is committed to raising the bar for equine nutraceuticals and supplements by offering veterinarians and horse owners products that have been proven effective through rigorous scientific testing.

About Equithrive®
Equithrive® is the pioneer in equine Resveratrol therapy. Resveratrol has become known to the public as the healthy ingredient in red wine. Equithrive® has developed a proprietary Resveratrol product (Resverasyn®) that recently has been proven in multiple university studies to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress in aged and lame performance horses. Excessive inflammation plays a major role in arthritis and in Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS). The company developed Equithrive® Joint to support healthy joint function in horses during aging, training and competition. Metabarol® contains a higher dose of Resverasyn® and has been demonstrated to reduce insulin levels in EMS horses that are prone to foundering.

Veterinarians across the United States now routinely recommend Equithrive® Joint and Metabarol® to support joint health and metabolic function in equine athletes and in older horses. Equithrive® is the global leader in Resveratrol therapy for horses.

New home of Equithrive at University of Kentucky

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