Horse Radio Network (HRN) Launches New Radio Show: Equestrian Legends Podcast

The Horse Radio Network (HRN) has launched Equestrian Legends, a twice monthly show that will feature personal interviews with the greatest names in the horse world from around the globe.

July 13, 2011 –? The Horse Radio Network (HRN) has launched the latest radio show in its stable of programming with Equestrian Legends, a twice monthly exclusive interview that is unique in online broadcasting. Equestrian Legends will feature the greatest names in the horse world from around the globe with personal interviews exploring the depth and breadth of their lives. The show, hosted by Chris Stafford, Host of the Dressage, Eventing and Jumping Radio Shows on the Horse Radio Network, can be heard on the Equestrian Legends website at and on HRN affiliate websites in 43 countries. It is also available as a free podcast downloadable on iTunes and Zune.

The first guest on Equestrian Legends is distinguished show jumper, coach, author and musician, William Steinkraus and this exclusive interview reveals aspects of his life not previously broadcast as Chris explores the many dimensions to one of America’s most famous horsemen.

Other guests in the line up this year include Major General Jonathan R. (Jack) Burton, Kay Meredith, Kathy Kusner, Lendon Gray, Raimondo & Piero d’Inzeo, Hilda Gurney, Denny Emerson, Jimmy Wofford and Frank Chapot. Equestrian Legends will venture beyond the popular equestrian disciplines to hear from popularly acclaimed horsemen and women from all aspects of the horse world.

We will hear in their own voice what has shaped their career, their influences, what has driven them to success in the arena and how they reflect on their lives. These in-depth interviews are often the only radio recording available and many of them are unique in a digital format. We reveal aspects of these celebrated personalities, which have previously not been broadcast by taking a more personal approach to the conversations.

“In all of them we will find a common thread, their love of the horse and passion for their equestrian lifestyle as well as what has motivated them to be the best they can be, sometimes facing challenges in their day, and sometimes in a bygone era which makes their story even more unique and remarkable. We will hear from horsemen and women who grew up during World War I, while segregation and prohibition were a way of life. Many of the guests will be retired from the sport and out of the public eye and so the opportunity to memorialize their lives has become a privilege and an honor. Some of these equestrian celebrities were my heroes and so it is a great pleasure to introduce you to them so we can all appreciate why they have shaped the course of history in our horse world,” said Chris Stafford.

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