Lami-Cell Products Help Your Horse Recover Faster

Kinston, N.C. (October 16, 2019) The Lami-Cell Come Best revolutionary product range combines Anion-adding technology with Far-infrared thermal healing therapy fiber to create an advanced fabric that helps to reduce the buildup of lactic acid and to alleviate the associated fatigue and pain allowing your horse to feel happy and healthy.

Professional-Approved Equine Therapeutic Technology

Professional reiner and trainer Jonathan Gauthier has been using Lami-Cell Come Best for a couple of years.

“There is absolutely nothing more effective to get rid of inflammation such as muscle soreness, commonly caused by lactic acid buildup, and even the more aggressive swelling such as cellulitis, caused by bacteria,” he says. “Especially in the lower limbs! I can honestly say that before Come Best, I already swore by this technology and used it actively. It’s not only recommended, it’s mandatory for horse owners to provide a pair for each horse in training with me.”

Anion Properties Rebalance a Horse’s Ions

The Anion-adding properties of the Come Best material effectively add negative ions to the horse’s blood stream and promote an appropriate ion balance in the body. The rebalance of ions aid in purifying the blood and activating cells—eliminating lactic acid, regulating the autonomic nervous system, and increasing endurance. The results are reduced fatigue, improved blood circulation, regulated heart rate, lowered blood pressure, and reduced inflammation and swelling.

Far-Infrared Thermal Healing Fibers Soothe a Horse’s Muscular System

Far-Infrared thermal healing therapy fibers work with the horse’s body to gently heal, soothe and stimulate the muscular system to recover quicker, which may help improve the immune system and eliminate the effects of fatigue.

The Lami-Cell Come Best therapy relieves muscle spasms, body pain, low back pain, joint pain, tight and stressed muscles, muscle soreness, and loss of flexibility. The product line is available in a quilted sheet, quilted wraps, polo wraps, quick wraps and saddle pads. Results from the thermography tests seen here prove that Lami-Cell Come Best helps reduce heat and inflammation.

“Back soreness is a very common and frequent issue we deal with,” states Gauthier, “The amount of comfort and relief my horses feel from simply wearing the Come Best sheet for a few hours prior or after riding is highly noticeable. In some cases, it is a night and day difference in performance and range of motion.”

Therapeutic Technology that Lasts Wash after Wash

Christy Health, development manager for Lami-Cell Come Best, is passionate about better health for horses and humans.

“For me, anything we can do to help horse owners improve the health and well-being of their pets/family members is a step in the right direction,” she says. “The far-infrared property of this therapy product increases blood circulation to promote quick recovery of the joints and muscles. The anion component adds negative ions into the horse’s blood stream to help reduce lactic acid buildup, regulate the nervous system, and increase endurance.”

Heath is dedicated to developing quality products that last wash after wash. “The key in the development of this therapy fabric is that the active properties are woven into the fabric and NOT just treated with a chemical that promotes these properties, like some other competitor products are,” she explains. “By weaving the therapy components into the fabric as opposed to treating the fabric, this means it can’t be washed out and decrease effectiveness after a few washes. This increases the longevity of our product’s effectiveness.”

About Lami-Cell, a division of Partrade

Since 1955, Partrade Trading Company has become a premier international distributor for world-class bits, spurs and riding equipment. Our success was founded on true dedication to selecting innovative products for the novice rider to the Olympic competitor. In 1998, Partrade partnered with the world class manufacturer Eastwest International Enterprises, which has over 41 years of experience in producing top quality products. This partnership led to the development of the innovative equestrian brands Metalab and Lami-Cell. Lami-Cell sets itself apart with an exceptional well-rounded line of equestrian products. Top quality collections including, helmets, saddle pads, halters, protective boots, supple leather strap goods, accessories and a full line of horse apparel. Each product is designed using the finest materials with an extraordinary eye to design and detail.

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