Spalding Labs' Presents New "Lester Buckley, Learning To Ride Video Series": Twelve Free & Highly Enlightening Horseback Riding Episodes


January 24, 2014–“Lester Buckley, Learning To Ride,” is the new12 video lesson series now available on the Spalding Labs website. Lester’s unique combination of elite horse and rider training skills make him an exceptional teacher for everyone from the most advanced equestrian to the absolute beginner. Having simultaneously been the head colt starter at both the King Ranch in Texas and Parker Ranch in Hawaii, the two largest ranches in the US, Lester genuinely understands what makes horses tick. As both an APHA Open Superstakes Reserve World Champion and the holder of an international trainer’s license in dressage and sport jumping from the German FN., he’s uniquely qualified to help riders understand the lasting partnership that can be built through consistent trust and reward.


This professionally produced series presents Lester as he explains horsemanship, from the ground up. ?His attention to the horse’s psychology in conjunction with his renowned emphasis on safety, patience, reward and persistence creates an excellent introduction to the A-B-C’s of horsemanship: from Catching The Horse, Haltering, Bridling and Saddling to Mounting, Rein Management, Leg Position and much, much more. Whether you are an absolute beginner or an established rider looking for advanced insights into working with horses, these videos are not to be missed.

As this year’s follow up to Spalding?s 2012 give away of Dr. Robert M. Miller?s remarkable book on horse behavior, ?Ancient Secrets Of The Horse?s Mind,? this series is one of the most comprehensive introductions to horses and riding available online today. According to Tom Spalding, Spalding Labs president and Chief Fly Guy, ?These two projects were designed to show our appreciation to the equine community. It’s critical that we foster and encourage youngsters (and oldsters,) to explore the wonderful world of horses. But it’s also important that newbies have a good foundation so they don’t get scared and become discouraged. I was lucky, as my Mom was an accomplished horsewoman who made learning to ride pretty easy. Someday, others may say the same thing about Lester.?

We highly recommend starting with the “Learning To Ride Introduction.” This compelling video shows Lester teaching a complete novice who must acquire basic riding skills within 2 days, for an upcoming film project.

But don’t stop there. Each of these 12 entertaining videos offers a rich menu of training pointers, many of which will inspire new insights in both new and experienced equestrians. Whether you ride English, Western or have never ridden a horse, this is an excellent opportunity to fine tune or kick start your technique.

Currently living in Hawaii, Lester trains horses across a variety of disciplines, including cutting, reining, dressage and sport jumping. As one of the master clinicians featured at the Spalding Labs Light Hand Horsemanship Annual Clinic in Santa Ynez, CA, Lester can be viewed live wowing attendees while working with horses and riders alike.

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