London 2012 Olympic Equestrian Timetable Announced

The London 2012 Olympic equestrian timetable has been announced by the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG).

February 15, 2011 ? The London 2012 Olympic equestrian timetable has been announced by the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG). London 2012 will mark the 100th anniversary of equestrian sport in the Olympic movement.

The Olympic Opening Ceremony on July 27th will be followed by 12 days of equestrian competition, with the world’s best athletes competing for six gold medals in the Olympic disciplines of Eventing, Dressage and Jumping. The equestrian events all take place at the stunning Greenwich Park venue. Britain’s oldest Royal Park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Greenwich Park is just 12 minutes from the main stadium.

Eventing opens the Olympic equestrian events on July 28 with two days of dressage, followed by cross-country on July 30 and two rounds of jumping on July 31 to decide the Team and Individual medals.

Dressage gets underway on August 2 with two days of Grand Prix competition, which forms the first qualifier for both the Team and Individual. The top seven teams and 11 best-placed individuals go forward to the Grand Prix Special on August 7, which will decide the team medals. The Freestyle to Music to decide the individual medals takes place on August 9.

The first qualifier in jumping will be on August 4, followed by the two-round team decider on August 5 and 6. Team medals will be presented on August 6. The two rounds of jumping to decide the individual champion will be held on August 8.

FEI has worked closely with the International Olympic Committee and LOCOG on the Equestrian schedule to give the Olympic Broadcasting Service (OBS) and international media the opportunity to maximise coverage of the equestrian disciplines, which will benefit equestrian sport globally.


Date???????? Event
July 27 ???? Opening Ceremony
July 28 ? ?? Eventing – Dressage Individual/Team
July 29????? Eventing – Dressage Individual/Team
July 30 ? ?? Eventing – Cross Country Individual/Team
July 31 ? ??? Eventing – Jumping 1st Round Individual Qualifier/ Team Final 2nd Round Individual Final
August 2 ?? Dressage – Grand Prix Individual/ Team 1st Qualifier
August 3??? Dressage – Grand Prix Individual/ Team 1st Qualifier
August 4??? Jumping – 1st Qualifier
August 5??? Jumping – Individual 2nd Qualifier/ Team 1st Round
August 6??? Jumping – Individual 3rd Qualifier/ 2nd Round Team Final
August 7??? Dressage – Grand Prix Special 2nd Individual Qualifier/ Team Final
August 8??? Jumping – Individual Round A Jumping – Individual Round B/Final
August 9??? Dressage – Freestyle Individual Final
August 12? Closing Ceremony

Eleven nations have already earned their place for the London 2012 Olympic equestrian events, having qualified at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games? in Kentucky last year.

Countries currently joining host nation Great Britain are:
Dressage – The Netherlands, Germany, USA.
Eventing – Canada, New Zealand, USA, Germany, Belgium.
Jumping – Germany, France, Belgium, Brazil, Canada and Australia

Details of other nations that qualify for London 2012 will be available following the completion of the 2011 qualifiers. The number of athletes per discipline is as follows:
Eventing – 75 athletes (5 per NOC)
Dressage – 50 athletes (4 per NOC)
Jumping – 75 athletes (4 per NOC)

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