NARHA Qualifies 48 Premier Accredited Centers in 2008

Forty-eight centers offering equine assisted activities and therapies earned NARHA's Premier Accredited Center status in 2008.

February 5, 2009 — Eight centers offering equine assisted activities and therapies (EAAT) earned NARHA’s highest level of accomplishment for the first time and became NARHA Premier Accredited Centers during 2008. In addition, 40 Premier Accredited Centers renewed their Premier Accredited Center status during the year.

To become a NARHA Premier Accredited Center, a member organization must successfully pass an on-site evaluation by a trained NARHA site visitor. Centers’ evaluations cover a wide range of areas such as horse management, safety equipment, quality of instruction, facility operations, volunteerism and administrative practices. These standards were developed and field-tested by the NARHA membership to assure that centers follow procedures that are basic to quality EAAT. NARHA accreditation helps assist the public in selecting quality centers that provide safe EAAT for individuals with special needs.?NARHA requires that Premier Accredited Centers are re-visited every five years.?

By renewing Premier Accredited Center status through NARHA, centers demonstrate that they continue to comply with and exceed the national standards for the EAAT industry.

“By maintaining the NARHA Premier Accredited Center status, NARHA centers demonstrate their ongoing commitment to the highest standards when introducing individuals with special needs to a variety of equine activities,” said NARHA Chief Executive Officer Carol Nickell. “NARHA Accreditation is a respected benchmark within the EAAT industry. It demonstrates leadership and a commitment to safety and the highest professional standards.”

The following is a list of the equestrian centers that achieved or renewed NARHA Premier Accredited Center status during 2008.

Special Equestrians, Inc., Indian Springs, AL
Accredited: 11/8/1989, Renewed Accreditation: 9/27/2008

Equines Assisting Special Individuals, EASI Jasper, AL
Accredited: 5/27/2008

Horses for Healing, Bentonville, AR
Accredited: 2/1/1995, Renewed Accreditation: 9/19/2008

Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center, Inc., Longmont, CO
Accredited: 4/20/1989, Renewed Accreditation: 2/22/2008

Front Range Exceptional Equestrians, Fort Collins, CO
Accredited: 1/31/1989, Renewed Accreditation: 6/2/2008

Hearts & Horses Inc., Loveland, CO
Accredited: 6/7/2002, Renewed Accreditation: 1/12/2008

Therapeutic Riding at Carousel (TRAC), Wilmington, DE
Accredited: 9/22/2008

Bakas Equestrian Center “Horses for Handicapped”, Tampa, FL
Accredited: 4/1/1991, Renewed Accreditation: 7/2/2008

Jacobs’ Ladder Therapeutic Riding Center, Inc., Hahira, GA
Accredited: 4/17/2003, Renewed Accreditation: 8/2/2008

Horse Time, Inc., Covington, GA
Accredited: 5/5/2003, Renewed Accreditation: 7/21/2008

Hands And Hearts For Horses, Thomasville, GA
Accredited: 4/16/2003, Renewed Accreditation: 4/15/2008

Good Shepherd Therapeutic Center, Warm Springs, GA
Accredited: 1/31/1989, Renewed Accreditation: 5/7/2008

Aspire TRP, Waterloo, IA
Accredited: 9/10/2003, Renewed Accreditation: 7/16/2008

Heartland Therapeutic Riding, Inc., Stilwell, KS
Accredited: 4/20/1998, Renewed Accreditation: 8/22/2008

New Beginnings Therapeutic Riding, Inc., Bowling Green, KY
Accredited: 10/13/2003, Renewed Accreditation: 10/14/2008

Windrush Farm Therapeutic Equitation, Inc., Boxford, MA
Accredited: 7/24/1989, Renewed Accreditation: 10/3/2008

Maryland Therapeutic Horsemanship Association, Columbia, MD
Accredited: 11/8/1989, Renewed Accreditation: 9/26/2008

Kent Association of Riding Therapy, Inc., Worton, MD
Accredited: 1/31/1989, Renewed Accreditation: 9/13/2008

Therapeutic & Recreational Riding Center, Inc., Glenwood, MD
Accredited: 1/30/1990, Renewed Accreditation: 12/5/2008

Lenawee Therapeutic Riding, Adrian, MI
Accredited: 7/30/1990, Renewed Accreditation: 6/11/2008

Freedom Farm, Waverly, MN
Accredited: 10/27/2003, Renewed Accreditation: 11/12/2008

Project ASTRIDE, St Joseph, MN
Accredited: 1/31/1989, Renewed Accreditation: 10/16/2008

Mississippi State Extension Service 4-H Team, Mississippi State, MS
Accredited: 10/29/2002, Renewed Accreditation: 9/9/2008

North Carolina
Heads Up! Therapeutic Riding Program Inc., Pittsboro, NC
Accredited: 7/28/1993, Renewed Accreditation: 10/21/2008

Foothills Equestrian Nature Center, Inc., Tryon, NC
Accredited: 4/26/2008

Ride Like a Knight, Laurinburg, NC
Accredited: 9/1/1995, Renewed Accreditation: 4/18/2008

New Jersey
Somerset Hills Handicapped Riding Center, Oldwick, NJ
Accredited: 11/8/1989, Renewed Accreditation: 3/19/2008

Spirit Therapies, Las Vegas, NV
Accredited: 12/8/2008

Pegasus Farm, Hartville, OH
Accredited: 4/20/1989, Renewed Accreditation: 10/2/2008

OUSC Ohio Horse Park Center for Therapeutic Riding, Franklin Furnace, OH
Accredited: 4/23/2008

Quest Therapeutic Services, Inc., West Chester, PA
Accredited: 8/13/2008

Storm Harbor Equestrian Center, Slippery Rock, PA
Accredited: 8/12/2008

THORNCROFT Therapeutic Horsebackriding, Inc., Malvern, PA
Accredited: 9/5/2003, Renewed Accreditation: 9/5/2008

South Carolina
Charleston Area Therapeutic Riding, Inc., Johns Island, SC
Accredited: 11/1/1992, Renewed Accreditation: 11/19/2008

Dream Riders, Lexington, SC
Accredited: 10/2/2003, Renewed Accreditation: 11/18/2008

Paradise Ranch, Springfield, TN
Accredited: 4/10/2008

SIRE, Houston’s Therapeutic Equestrian Center, Hockley, TX
Accredited: 4/20/1989, Renewed Accreditation: 8/12/2008

Heart of Texas Therapeutic Riding Center, West, TX
Accredited: 5/24/2003, Renewed Accreditation: 11/19/2008

Triple H Equitherapy Center, Pipe Creek, TX
Accredited: 1/1/1998, Renewed Accreditation: 3/19/2008

Wings of Hope Equitherapy, Burleson, TX
Accredited: 7/19/2002, Renewed Accreditation: 1/14/2008

The Riding Therapy Center, Victoria, TX
Accredited: 9/18/2003, Renewed Accreditation: 10/20/2008

Runnin WJ Ranch, Texarkana, TX
Accredited: 4/1/2003, Renewed Accreditation: 2/29/2008

Graz’n Acres Therapeutic Riding Center, Sedley, VA
Accredited: 9/29/2003, Renewed Accreditation: 7/10/2008

Northern Virginia Therapeutic Riding Program, Clifton, VA
Accredited: 1/1/1997, Renewed Accreditation: 7/25/2008

Champlain Adaptive Mounted Program, South Hero, VT
Accredited: 11/1/1992, Renewed Accreditation: 10/27/2008

Pegasus Project Therapeutic Riding Center, Yakima, WA
Accredited: 9/29/2008

Free SPIRIT Riders, Inc., Fond du Lac, WI
Accredited: 4/20/1989, Renewed Accreditation: 10/6/2008

Community Association for Riding for Disabled, Toronto, ON
Accredited: 7/2/1989, Renewed Accreditation: 5/28/2008

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