New Bolton Launches Home Care Nursing for Horses


The level of nursing care needed by ill or post-surgical horses who have returned home often falls somewhere between the capabilities of the horse owner and what is provided by a veterinarian. To fill that gap, the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine’s New Bolton Center is launching an Equine Home Nursing Care Program called Equi-Assist. The program will provide care for horses at home, and officially begins this week.

The New Bolton Center, in Kennett Square, Pa., includes the George D. Widener Hospital for Large Animals, featuring one of the world’s largest equine clinical faculties. Its Equi-Assist program will make available quality clinical and post-hospitalization nursing services to equine patients at their home barn or facility. The continuity of care provided for the equine patient that has been discharged from New Bolton Center will improve the patient’s chances for a speedier and more complete recovery.

Wound management, eye care, intravenous medications and other complex treatments are examples of the kinds of services the Equi-Assist professionals will provide. For horses afflicted with laminitis, services will include monitoring pain management and nutritional consultation. The expertise and experience of the Equi-Assist professionals will allow for the rapid recognition of an emergent problem, and serve as a communication bridge between the owner, primary care veterinarian, farrier and New Bolton Center doctors.

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