Learn How to Take Your Horse’s Joint Health to the Flex+Max in Absorbine®’s Latest Video

Reimagine your horse’s joint health supplement with this newly released video highlighting Flex+Max®!

Boulder, Colorado— September 20, 2021 – Absorbine®, The Horse World’s Most Trusted Name®, is challenging you to reimagine your horse’s joint health supplement in a newly released video highlighting Flex+Max®, their premier equine joint supplement.

Whether they are actively training or living as companions, our horse’s joints are subject to damaging stress every single day. While most stress occurs when the horse is performing or training, even just walking and trotting around a pasture adds stress. Even everyday wear and tear can eventually lead to joint problems. As your horse works and ages, they’re continually fighting damage from free radicals that break down the protective fluid that lubricates cartilage and degradative enzymes that cause cartilage, ligament and tendon deterioration. Flex+Max offers comprehensive joint care featuring enhanced ingredient levels for guaranteed results.

Absorbine knows that the most effective joint supplement is the one your horse can actually use, which is why they developed a formula that gets to your horse’s joints faster. Flex+Max features a highly bioavailable formula with low molecular weight chondroitin— it is five times smaller than standard chondroitin. There is no loading dose needed so your horse receives maximum joint health nutrients in a single daily scoop from day one. The formula is also a highly palatable pelleted formula that horses love to eat making it easy to feed to even the pickiest eaters.

Sara Esthus, W.F. Young, Inc. Brand Manager says, “Flex+Max® packs a lot of joint support into just one scoop, and we wanted an inspiring way to show how Flex+Max can help horses move more comfortably no matter what they are doing. We are motivated by the horses that Flex+Max® has helped, and we are excited to show how it can help more horses whether they are trail riding, training, or loving the retired life.”

With more in every scoop Flex+Max® gives your horse the most powerful combination of joint health support for unmatched results—guaranteed. Click here to watch the video and to learn how Flex+Max can help prolong the career and comfort of your horse in the new Flex+Max video.

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