Newly Launched Equine Identification System Utilizes Iris Scan Technology

Global Animal Management announces the launch of eyeD, which identifies equines using iris scan technology.

November 28, 2011 — Global Animal Management proudly announces the launch of eyeD?, a revolutionary equine identification solution utilizing iris scan technology. eyeD was officially introduced during the 57th Annual Convention of American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) in San Antonio, Texas.”More than 10 years in development, eyeD is the way of the future in equine identification,” said David Knupp, marketing manager, Global Animal Management. “This highly advanced method of identification will provide horse owners with a quick and precise identification in addition to data that can be retrieved instantly.”

eyeD is more accurate than tattoos or markings, more secure than paper documents and completely non-invasive. The eyeD Solution is the first equine identification system that is safe, easy-to-use and accurate. It offers an easy alternative to the complication and uncertainty of traditional ID methods.

“Providing no more undue stress to animals, eyeD takes only minutes to capture a digital photo of the horse’s eyes, and all without restraining the horse during the process,” Knupp said. “Horse owners can ensure lower stress levels and increased safety of their horses by using eyeD.”

How it works

Utilizing the unique features of the animal’s iris, eyeD establishes an identification code similar to how iris identification has been perfected in humans. A digital photo, called an eyePrint, is taken by a veterinarian of each of the horse’s eyes using a special camera. The images are electronically stored along with photos to pedigree registrations and medical records, among other information. An eyePrint is more accurate than a fingerprint, and no two irises are alike. Even clones have different iris patterns.

“Having a noninvasive way of identifying my equine patients is exciting,” said Monty McInturff, D.V.M., Tennessee Equine Hospital. “The information stored in the eyeD database is tamperproof, permanent and safe from damage unlike paper documents. I look forward to utilizing this technology to better serve my customers.”

How to enroll

Currently, horse owners can sign up for eyeD online at After completing online registration, horse owners can contact their veterinarian to have their horses’ eyes scanned.

As part of a limited Futurity Club offer, owners can enroll their horse for $50 with significantly reduced annual renewal fees in subsequent years. Futurity Club members also will receive a dewormer coupon upon enrollment.

With as many as 50,000 horses stolen each year, the eyeD solution provides owners with piece of mind and a greater chance of recovery.

“Once a horse is enrolled, the eyeD identification can be attached to other pieces of information such as health certificates, health records, Coggins tests and interstate movement certificates,” Knupp said. “While it currently serves as a resource for horse recovery, additional benefits and features will be available in the coming months.”

eyeD solution is now available to breed associations, commercial stables, horse owners and equine practitioners. For more information and to sign up for eyeD, contact your local veterinarian or log on to

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