Nine Relatives of Famed Bareback Stallion Grated Coconut to Appear at NFR

The legendary Calgary Stampede stallion, Grated Coconut, retired this past summer after an outstanding bucking career. Nine related horses will appear at NFR 2010.

November 20, 2010–Nine relatives in the Calgary Stampede string of the six-time PRCA Bareback Riding Horse of the Year will be bucking at the Finals. The number of offspring and their athletic ability is expected to demonstrate why the patriarch gained popularity during his seven Wrangler NFR appearances and at PRCA rodeos throughout the country.

In the bareback riding, fans will see the mother-and-daughter combination of Coconut Roll and Kauai Coconut. Coconut Roll is Grated Coconut’s mother, and Kauai Coconut is his sister. Two Grated Coconut offspring from other mares bucking are a daughter, Mad Money, and a son, Nightmare Rocket.

In the saddle bronc riding, Grated Coconut’s son, and the lone stallion of the group, Majestic Rocket, will be bucking, along with Grated Coconut’s half-brother, Gallant Warrior, half-sisters, Gross Beetle and Knife Money, and daughter, Mata Fact.

The amount of talent tied to Grated Coconut is rewarding to Calgary Stampede, and the success can be traced back to Grated Coconut’s father, a stud named Wyatt Earp, who was owned by the late Harvey Northcott. Wyatt Earp was recently inducted into the Canadian Professional Rodeo Cowboys Hall of Fame.

Get Smart, owned by Harvey Northcott Rodeo, a son of Wyatt Earp and a half-brother of Grated Coconut, also will be bucking at the Finals.

“You can tell all those horses are related because they all like to buck,” said saddle bronc rider Taos Muncy. The 2007 world champion won the first round of the 2009 Wrangler NFR by scoring 86 points on Knife Money.

“She’s a really nice bucking horse,” he said. “She jumps and kicks in a straight line, and she doesn’t have too many swoops.

Specialized breeding programs, also known as born-to-buck breeding programs, have helped PRCA stock contractors match the best mares with the best studs and produce top-quality bucking horses.

“You always hope for the best,” said Keith Marrington, Calgary Stampede senior manager. “By the sheer numbers alone, we know the cross and the prodigy are working right.

Some of the offspring of Majestic Rocket will be ready to buck next year, furthering the bloodline competing in rodeo. “We hope there is more to come, and we’re excited about the good young talent coming up,” added Marrington.

Bareback Riding

  • Coconut Roll – mother
  • Kauai Coconut – sister of Grated Coconut and daughter of Coconut Roll
  • Mad Money – daughter
  • Nightmare Rocket – son
  • Gross Beetle – half-sister
  • Gallant Warrior – half-brother
  • Knife Money – half-sister
  • Majestic Rocket – son (stud)
  • Mata Fact – daughter

Saddle Bronc Riding

In addition to the nine relatives of Grated Coconut, Calgary Stampede had six other horses selected to the Wrangler NFR and a bull, Speed Dial.

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