U.S. 2004 Olympic Equestrian Team Statistics

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Robert Dover
Born: 6/07/1956
Residence: Lebanon, NJ and Wellington, FL
Horse: FBW Kennedy
Breed: Baden-Wirttemberger gelding
Age: 15
Height: 16.1 hands
Color: Chestnut
Owner: Jane Forbes Clark

Debbie McDonald
Born: 8/27/1954
Residence: Hailey, ID
Horse: Brentina
Breed: Hanoverian mare
Age: 13
Height: 16.2 hands
Color: Chestnut
Owners: Parry and Peggy Thomas

Guenter Seidel
Born: 9/23/1960
Residence: Del Mar, CA
Horse: Aragon
Breed: Bavarian gelding
Age: 12
Height: 17.1 hands
Color: Gray
Owners: Dick and Jane Brown

Lisa Wilcox
Born: 9/08/1966
Residence: Cloppenburg, Germany
Horse: Relevant
Breed: Oldenburg stallion
Age: 13
Height: 16.3 hands
Color: Chestnut
Owner: Gestüt Vorwerk

Steffen Peters (alternate)
Born: 9/01/1964
Residence: Solana Beach, CA
Horse: Floriano
Breed: Westphalian gelding
Age: 14
Height: 17 hands
Color: Chestnut
Owner: Melanie Pai, Canaan Ranch

Leslie Morse (alternate)
Born: 11/26/1961
Residence: Beverly Hills, CA
Horse: Kingston
Breed: Dutch Warmblood stallion
Age: 12
Height: 17.2 hands
Color: Bay
Owner: Leslie Morse

Coach: Klaus Balkenhol
Chef d’Equipe: Jessica Ransehousen


Darren Chiacchia
Born: 9/18/1964
Residence: Springville, NY
Horse: Windfall 2
Breed: Trakehner stallion
Age: 12
Color: Black
Owner: Tim Holekamp

Julie Richards
Born: 9/26/1970
Residence: Newnan, GA
Horse: Jacob Two Two
Breed: Canadian Thoroughbred gelding
Age: 16
Color: Bay
Owner: Jim Richards

Kim Severson
Born: 8/23/1973
Residence: Keene, VA
Horse: Winsome Adante
Breed: English Thoroughbred gelding
Age: 11
Color: Bay
Owner: Linda Wachtmeister/Plain Dealing Farm, Inc.

Amy Tryon
Born: 2/24/1970
Residence: Redmond, WA
Horse: Poggio II
Breed: Thoroughbred gelding
Age: 12
Color: Bay

John Williams
Born: 4/04/1965
Residence: Middleburg, VA
Horse: Carrick
Breed: Thoroughbred cross gelding
Age: 12
Color: Chestnut
Owner: John Williams

Will Faudree (alternate)
Born: 10/04/1981
Residence: Southern Pines, NC
Horse: Antigua
Breed: Australian Thoroughbred gelding
Age: 15
Color: Bay

Coach/Chef d’Equipe: Captain Mark Phillips


Chris Kappler
Born: 2/09/1967
Residence: Pittstown, NJ
Horse: Royal Kaliber
Breed: Dutch Warmblood stallion
Age: 12
Color: Bay
Owners: Chris Kappler and Kathleen Kamine

Beezie Madden
Born: 11/20/1963
Residence: Cazenovia, NY
Horse: Authentic
Breed: Dutch Warmblood gelding
Age: 9
Color: Bay
Owners: John Madden Sales and Elizabeth Busch Burke

McLain Ward
Born: 10/17/1975
Residence: Brewster, NY
Horse: Sapphire
Breed: Belgian Warmblood mare
Age: 9
Color: Chestnut
Owners: McLain Ward and Double H Farm

Peter Wylde
Born: 7/30/1965
Residence: Maastricht, Holland
Horse: Fein Cera
Breed: Holsteiner mare
Age: 13
Color: Bay
Owner: Turnabout Farm, Inc.

Alison Firestone (alternate)
Born: 11/25/1976
Residence: Upperville, VA
Horse: Casanova
Breed: Swedish Warmblood gelding
Age: 14
Color: Roan
Owners: Mr. and Mrs. Bertram R. Firestone

Lauren Hough (alternate)
Born: 4/11/1977
Residence: Ocala, FL
Horse: Clasiko
Breed: Holsteiner gelding
Color: Bay
Owner: Clasiko Group

Coach/Chef d’Equipe: Frank Chapot

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