PRIMEDIA Equine Network Takes Home 22 AHP Awards

PRIMEDIA Equine Network's magazines, book division and website took home 22 awards in the American Horse Publications 2005 contest.

Growing Up With Horses won the Single Issue Specialty Publication class in the 2005 AHP Awards Contest. |

June 14, 2005 — PRIMEDIA Equine Network racked up an impressive 22 awards during the 2005 American Horse Publications (AHP) Awards Banquet, held during the AHP Seminar in Seattle, Wash., June 11.

PRIMEDIA publications won several categories including the General Excellence category for self-supported magazines, circulation 15,000 and over. Horse & Rider magazine was the winner with EQUUS and Practical Horseman taking honorable mention honors. EQUUS took first place and honorable mention and Practical Horseman took second and third place in the Horse Care editorial content, circulation 15,000 and over, class.

In its first year of publication, PRIMEDIA’s annual resource guide Growing Up With Horses took first place in the Single Issue Specialty Publication division, and Discover Horses at the Kentucky Horse Park took honorable mention in the same division.

Patricia Lasko, managing editor of Dressage Today, won the Merial Human-Animal Bond Award for her article “The Elixir of Pure Joy.” This award is given annually to the writer of an article that best reflects and promotes the strengthening of the relationship between horses and people.

PRIMEDIA Equine Network publishes Dressage Today, EQUUS, Horse & Rider, Practical Horseman, Arabian Horse World, Growing Up With Horses, Everything for Horse and Rider and Discover Horses at the Kentucky Horse Park as well as and several books and calendars.

PRIMEDIA Equine Network’s 2005 AHP Awards:
(HM = Honorable Mention)

Dressage Today

. 1st, Merial Human-Animal Bond Award, “The Elixir of Pure Joy” by Patricia Lasko

. 3rd, Illustration, “Solutions” by Sandy Rabinowitz


. 1st, Horse Care (15,000 and over), “Hope for Headshakers” by Christine Barakat

Second Place

. 1st, Feature Article (15,000 and over), “At the Heart of Greatness” by Laurie Bonner

. HM, General Excellence: Self Supported Magazine (15,000 and over)

. HM, Instructional Single Article (15,000 and over), “Parasite Control Check” by Craig Reinemeyer, DVM, PhD with Christine Barakat

. HM, Horse Care (15,000 and over), “Hyaluronan & Healthy Joints” by Laurie Bonner

. Illustration, “How Well Do Horses Hear?” by Celia Strain

Horse & Rider

. 1st, General Excellence: Self Supported Magazine (15,000 and over)

. 1st, Instructional Series, “Clinton Anderson: Training on the Trail” by Jennifer Forsberg Meyer

. HM, Instructional Single Article (15,000 and over), “Make ’em Last” by Sue M. Copeland

. HM, Service to the Reader (15,000 and over), “Riding Lessons: Teaching Your Child to be a Good Sport” by Debbie Moors

. HM, Personal Column (15,000 and over), “The Riding Family: Abuse Hurts Everyone” by Jennifer Forsberg Meyer

Practical Horseman

. 2nd, Horse Care (15,000 and over), “Navicular Update” by Robert Schneider, DVM and Sue Copeland

. 2nd, Personal Column (15,000 and over), “The Red Coat” By Anne Phinney

. 3rd, Instructional Single Article (15,000 and over), “Step-by-Step: Get ‘The Max’ Out of Your Small Ring” by Geoff Teall, Mandy Lorraine, Kip Goldreyer

. 3rd, Horse Care (15,000 and over), “Sharp Truths About Joint Injections” by Kurt Heite and Sue Copeland

. HM, General Excellence: Self Supported Magazine (15,000 and over)

. 2nd, Online News Reporting Article, “Postcard: Dressage at Devon 2004” by Nancy Jaffer

PRIMEDIA Equine Network

. 1st, Single Issue Specialty Publication, Growing Up With Horses, edited by Jennifer Forsberg Meyer and designed by Brian Smith

. HM, Single Issue Specialty Publication, Discover Horses at the Kentucky Horse Park, edited by Cathy Laws and designed by Celia Strain

. HM, Equine-Related Book, Head-to-Toe Horsemanship by Lynn Palm with Sue M. Copeland

For complete results from the awards contest visit American Horse Publications.

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