Purina Announces Senior Horse Tales Contest Winners

April 27, 2012–Senior horses have always held a special place in the hearts of their owners, and Purina is recognizing those deep connections with the online Senior Horse Tales Contest. Three grand-prize winners were chosen from more than 600 entries. Participants were asked to share their cherished stories and memories that exemplify the lifelong relationships horse lovers have with their loyal companions. These stories ranged from heartfelt to hilarious, and demonstrate the extended quality of life that a diet of Purina? Equine Senior? horse feed affords. With so many one-of-a-kind tales, three grand-prize winners is just the beginning. In order to distinguish the honorable mention entries, Purina is launching a Peoples’ Choice Award for Facebook fans to vote for their favorite runner-up.

“As this contest continues to grow in popularity, we’re privileged to see an increasing number of inspiring stories,” said Chris Goodwin, equine marketing manager for Purina. “Horse owners are known for their passion; at Purina, we love the human and horse connection and reading how people have built a lifetime relationship with their horse. Each one of these stories touched our hearts in a unique way.”

Lisa Dalton and Khan.

Contest winners were chosen based on the interest and uniqueness of their entry and will each receive one ton of free Purina? Equine Senior? or Equine Senior? Active Healthy Edge? horse feed. Get a taste of this year’s best stories with the following summaries from the grand prize winners.

Riding As Therapy
Lisa Dalton from Grandview, Texas, shared her story of recovery after a bronco riding accident left her paralyzed from the shoulders down. After months of rehabilitation and success with therapeutic riding, Lisa’s friends surprised her with Khan, a 25-year-old former patrol horse. “When he sees me dragging my saddle out of the barn he meets me at the round pen. He comes when I call him. He stands patiently as I push the saddle up his side. He is happy to have the job of carrying me around our small ranch,” wrote Lisa. “It is only on the back of my horse Khan that I am free. He has eaten Purina? Equine Senior? horse feed since he has been with me and always will. He deserves the best I can give him!”

Karen Rosston’s Sunday.

Through Thick and Thin
Karen Rosston from New Orleans, La., recounted the obstacles she and her 29-year-old Arabian gelding, Sunday, have overcome during their lives together. When Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, Karen was unable to evacuate with Sunday in time, so she chose to stay in the barn and weather the storm together for a week before the National Guard helped them evacuate. “Even though he hasn’t been ridden since Katrina, with a proper diet, including Purina? Equine Senior? horse feed and alfalfa/timothy hay, he has always been toned and fit,” wrote Karen. “Sunday is a once-in-a-lifetime horse, and he is in wonderful shape because of the loving care he receives, with the help of Purina.”

Love of a Lifetime
Amanda Anderson from Fort Dodge, Iowa, describes how the love she has shared with her 37-year-old American Quarter Horse, Paco, has transcended generations. She first met Paco as a 7-year-old girl at Girl Scouts summer camp, where she first rode him. “In the fall of 2004 I bought him from the camp. I boarded him

Amanda Anderson’s Paco.

with a friend and immediately put him on Purina? Equine Senior? horse feed. In just a couple of months it looked as though he had gone back in time about 10 years,” wrote Amanda. “He is now teaching my 2-year-old daughter to ride and to love horses the way I always have. She loves him just as much as I do. It is so wonderful having such a close companion and Equine Senior? horse feed truly made it possible.”

The three contest winners’ entries and all other submissions can be read in their entirety at www.activestill.com.

It’s Your Turn! Vote for The Peoples’ Choice Award on Facebook
Three additional finalists will be selected and featured with their story and photo on the Purina? Horse Feed Facebook page at www.facebook.com/purinahorse. Facebook fans will have the opportunity to vote on The People’s Choice Award, with one winner receiving a half ton of free Purina? Equine Senior? or Equine Senior? Active Healthy Edge? horse feed.

From April 27, 2012, to May 9, 2012, Facebook fans can vote for their favorite senior horse tale by “Liking” one of the three submissions. The finalist garnering the most “Likes” during the voting period will receive The People’s Choice Award. See the complete list of guidelines by clicking on the “Rules of Engagement” app within the Purina? Horse Feed Facebook page.

If a horse owner is not already a fan of the Purina? Horse Feed Facebook page, he or she can “Like” the page for nutritional tips from the Purina research team, blog updates, valuable trial offers, upcoming contests and more.