Register Today for Practical Horseman Magazine Webinar “Gymnastics to Solve Common Jumping Problems”

October 9, 2015–Practical Horseman magazine will present “Gymnastics to Solve Common Jumping Problems,” a free webinar with eventing legend Jim Wofford and upper-level rider Sharon White scheduled for Tuesday, November 10 at 8 p.m. EST. To register online for the webinar, which is sponsored by Blue Seal, visit:

“At some point, all riders who jump experience some sort of issue over fences,” Associate Editor Kate Light says. “Jim and Sharon bring a wealth of expertise when it comes to jumping, and this webinar gives them the opportunity to share their solutions.”

During the webinar, Jim and Sharon will teach you exercises to solve the most common (and frustrating) jumping problems. From run-outs and drifting to rushing and popping the shoulder, Jim and Sharon have an exercise that will help you and your horse fix these issues and succeed over fences. Jim and Sharon will present tried-and-true solutions and answer your questions in a bonus Q&A session.

“It’s inevitable in the training of any horse that problems in specific areas will develop. If your horse continually makes an error, you need to analyze what he is doing wrong and set up exercises to teach him what you want him to do.” Jim Wofford writes in his book, Modern Gymnastics: Systematic Training for Jumping Horses.

To register for the webinar, please go to:

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