Sallie B. Wheeler/National Hunter Breeding Championships Set to Begin

Best young hunters converge on east and west Coasts for Sallie B. Wheeler/US National Hunter Breeding Championships.

August 28, 2012 — The best young hunters in the country will meet on both coasts in the coming days to compete for the National Hunter Breeding Championship and regional titles at the 2012 Sallie B. Wheeler/US National Hunter Breeding Championships.

Young horses on the West Coast will make their way to the Showpark All Seasons Summer Tournament in Del Mar, Calif. on August 29 to compete against each other for the title of best in the West. Last year the winner from the West, Ooh Ah, was named the US National Hunter Breeding Champion. This year’s winner will look to keep that title on the west coast.

However, the East Coast’s best will be looking to take the title back on September 1 as their young horses compete at the Warrenton Horse Show in Warrenton, Va.. The East has produced the winner of the National Title five times since the competition was split in 2005, with consecutive wins from 2006 until 2010.

In addition to competing for the National Hunter Breeding Championship, there are seven other classes at each phase: Yearling Colt/Gelding, Yearling Filly, Two-Year-Old Colt/Gelding, Two-Year-Old Filly, Three-Year-Old Colt/Gelding and Three-Year-Old Filly.

The top two horses in each of those classes will move on to the Best Young Horse Championship Class for a chance at both the Regional and National Grand Champion titles. Brooke Royster and Richard Wilkinson will judge both shows, traveling from California to Virginia during the two day break between events.

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