SmartPink Line Benefits Breast Cancer Research

SmartPak Equine has donated over $10,000 towards breast cancer research and awareness from sales of its SmartPink Plaid line.

Kensington Pony Fly Mask in SmartPink Plaid |

August 17, 2005 — Since the April 2005 launch of its exclusive SmartPink™ product line to benefit breast cancer research, SmartPak Equine has donated over $10,000 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF). The NBCF works to increase breast cancer survival rates through education and free access to mammograms for those in need.

With the popularity of the program, SmartPak is adding new winter turn-out and stable blankets to round out a complete horse clothing line in SmartPink Plaid. SmartPak donates 20% of the net profit from the sales of the SmartPink line to NBCF.

“The SmartPink program is a major milestone for our company,” said Jaralyn Gibson, vice president of new business development for SmartPak. “Giving back to the equine community has always been one of our most important corporate values. SmartPink is a great way for riders to use their horse dollars to join the fight against breast cancer, and we are proud to be one of the first equine businesses to offer such a program.”

The SmartPink line of products includes fly sheets and fly masks, halters, show totes, tack bags and more. Now it also includes a complete line of all-weather horse clothing. The SmartPink product line is made by Kensington Protective Products and is exclusive to SmartPak Equine.

SmartPak Equine plans to continue donating proceeds from the sale of the SmartPink line to breast cancer research.

“The response from our customers to both the product and the cause has been overwhelming,” said Paal Gisholt, president and CEO of SmartPak. “In addition to supporting breast cancer research, our customers love the fact that they can coordinate their horse’s fly sheet, blankets, halter, fly mask and saddle pads with their own gear and garment bags. Some barns have even adopted SmartPink as their official colors.”

SmartPak Equine is best known for its SmartPaks, which are nutritional supplements for horses packaged into custom daily doses.

For more information about SmartPink, go to SmartPak Equine or call 800-461-8898.

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