Successful Third High Performance Developing Driver Program Wraps-Up

Participants were supportive of each other and eager to learn.

June 26, 2014–The third Developing Driver Clinic is now over and what a great success. The USEF would like to thank Hermitage International Training Center and Steve Wilson for donating the facility and especially farm manager Leslie Cashion and her crew for the setup and hospitality. As always Thorsten Zarembowicz was a true professional no matter the conditions. The participants were so supportive of each other and eager to learn.

Thorsten then traveled to West Grove, PA to work with our Singles drivers and two more Developing Drivers. Thanks to Lisa and Dixon Stroud for the use of their facilities and constant support of all USEF programs.

This past weekend in Idaho, Olof Larsson spent time with four drivers from that part of our very large country and the program also helped to support this effort. Thanks to Chris and Phil Knox for the use of their facility.

We will discuss when and where the final Developing Driver clinic will take place this fall and post the information on our USEF website once confirmed. 

We are excited to announce that the Developing Driver program will be funded for 2015. If anyone has any questions about the Developing Driver Program they may go to the USEF web site using this link;
or contact Lizzy Staller directly at 908-326-1159 or

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