ADM Forage First® Summer Care Available in Two New Sizes

QUINCY, Ill. (March 17, 2021)—Heat stress: It’s a real concern with working horses when temperatures soar in the summer. Worrisome flies, fatigue and the inability to adequately cool themselves can lead to physiological challenges and even heat stroke. Thanks to ADM’s Forage First® Summer Care, there are options that can help prevent heat stress—including two new product sizes.

Forage First Summer Care Heat Abatement Supplement for Working Horses by ADM Animal Nutrition

In July, 2020, ADM offered horse owners a small bag containing a 30-day supply of Forage First® Summer Care, a top-dress, pelleted combination of Thermal Care™, Garlium, and Cell Rate® developed by nutritionists to support equine health through the hot summer months. So successful was this release that customers were soon asking for a larger size of this unique nutritional product. So this spring, the company is launching two new sizes in the Summer Care line: a 90-day supply and a Free Choice 100-pound Summer Care Tub.

With either size, you can help manage heat abatement and keep your horse more comfortable while working in these difficult conditions. “Summer can be hard on our equine friends, and with the Summer Care line, we are providing the tools to support your equine through the challenges of the summer months,” says ADM Equine/Consumer Business Manager Mike Barrett. “With the 30-day, 90-day and free-choice option of Summer Care, there is sure to be an option that meets your management style.”

Offer Forage First® Summer Care in conjunction with your horse’s regular feed and plenty of clean water. This supplement is highly palatable and economical, with only 2 oz. required per horse daily. Each 1-oz. scoop contains concentrated, effective sources of:

  • patent-pending Thermal Care™, which utilizes encapsulated plant extracts to help alleviate some of the physiological and health challenges associated with heat stress;
  • proprietary CitriStim®, a whole-cell inactivated yeast (Pichia guilliermondii) that may help support and optimize gut function and body defense responses;
  • Garlium, a garlic-based flavoring with highly concentrated garlic extracts and oils; and
  • Cell Rate®, which provides nucleotides that support natural cell growth and proliferation.

*Note: Summer Care is designed for working horses rather than performance horses. It contains capsicum, which has been known to test.

Don’t let the summer heat put an end to enjoyable outings with your equine companion. With these two new sizes of Forage First® Summer Care, you and your horse will be set for the hot season, no matter your discipline.

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