North American Series Recognizes Thoroughbreds

Thoroughbreds can now receive points in a wide range of disciplines through a competition series.

August 7, 2008 — Many people love riding Thoroughbreds because of their athleticism, mental quickness and affordability. Now Thoroughbreds can win points and recognition through the North American Series, sponsored by the North American Thoroughbred Society (NATBS).

“NATBS member horses are instantly on an equal footing with each other,” said Nicole Dutzi of Goldolphin Farm in Kentucky. “Thoroughbreds and their riders gain recognition for their efforts while competing nationally or locally. And each horse can be rewarded for excelling in the equine discipline that he or she is best at–whether in dressage, barrel racing, jumping or other events.”

Owner Mary Richey and Bailey Road | Photo by Mary Schramel

Whether amateur or professional, showing locally, regionally or nationally, the horse’s achievements and progress gain recognition. Here’s how it works: Thoroughbreds registered with NATBS can win points toward North American Series Awards in dressage or a wide range of other disciplines. Horses accumulating 20 or more points win recognition at the end of the year.

“Through NATBS’ North American Series awards, Bailey Road’s accomplishments can be recognized among those of other Thoroughbreds,” said Mary Richey. “For me and other Thoroughbred owners, it is a great experience.”

Individual Thoroughbreds can be registered with NATBS in order to be eligible for NATBS breeding, dressage and eventing awards; to accumulate horse show points through the NATBS North American Series Awards program; and to qualify for NATBS Worldwide Trails awards.

For more on NATBS, a membership application and rules, visit The NATBS supports and promotes the interests of Jockey Club-registered North American Thoroughbreds.

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