Horse & Rider Magazine Announces Wrangler Ultimate Ride Sweepstakes Winner

Renee Twombly has been selected as the grand-prize winner of Horse & Rider magazine's Wrangler Ultimate Ride Sweepstakes.

Renee Twombly and her horse, Miss Artistic Star | Photo by Anna Whitman

December 3, 2009 — Renee Twombly of Auburn, Ala., has been selected as the grand-prize winner of Horse & Rider magazine’s Wrangler® Ultimate Ride Sweepstakes.

To enter for a chance to win, visitors posted pictures or videos of themselves enjoying life on horseback at Twombly shared a picture of a ride in the Canadian Rockies that she took with her sister in 2008.

Twombly won a trip to Leatherwood Mountains, Blue Ridge Mountain Resort in North Carolina, where she and her sister rode the trails, enjoyed bluegrass music and fine dining and took part in a clinic with Julie Goodnight. They will be featured in early 2010 on a special episode of the weekly television series “Best of America by Horseback” on RFD-TV.

“I lived in North Carolina for 10 years but was never able to ride in the western mountains of that beautiful state. I couldn’t believe how gorgeous and horse-and-people-friendly the Leatherwood Mountains community is,” said Twombly, who trail rides with her American Quarter Horse mare, Miss Artistic Star (“Chime”). “I find little to be more relaxing than to explore on a horse–to be present in nature on horseback.”

Weekly winners of the sweepstakes received a pair of jeans from the Ultimate Riding Jean Collection from Wrangler®. Those winners were Megan Nikolai, Bob Pugliese, Katharine Stroukoff, Wendy Hall, Rochelle Hundt, Vicki Kruegel, Michelle Johnson, Teresa Wisniewski, Karen Hartman, Denise King, Tarra Betts and Dolly Loveridge.

To view the winners’ photos and the rest of the gallery, visit

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