USEF Update: Approved Rule Changes

Following the USEF Mid-Year Board of Directors Meeting this week in Lexington, Ky., the list of modified regulatory texts are now available. All updated texts, showing the latest changes, can be found under Approved Rule Changes in the Rule Book section of the USEF website, and listed in the links below.

Revisions to GR301, GR306, GR307, and GR318 – Rules Effecting Competition Mileage Exemption
In early 2015, USEF President Chrystine Tauber convened a Mileage Rule Revision Task Force in order to evaluate the mileage rule and provide recommendations that address the concerns of competitors and organizers alike. In that spirit, the Task Force held a Town Hall meeting with members on May 18, 2015 to discuss proposed revisions to the rule. Following the Town Hall meeting, the Task Force worked in conjunction with USEF leadership and staff to put forward to the USEF Board of Directors a revised rule, which reflects the changing demands of the equestrian competition landscape. The USEF Board of Directors adopted revisions to GR301, GR306, GR307, and GR318 on June 29, 2015.

The changes will take effect through a staggered implementation according to the following dates:

Effective August 1, 2015
GR301.2, GR306.7.d, GR307.3.a-b, GR318, pages 3-4.

Mileage Exemption Policies Pertaining to GR307, pages 2-3.

Effective December 1, 2015
GR307, page 5.

In order to facilitate a smooth transition in adopting the new mileage exemption process, the USEF Competitions Department will be hosting teleconference training sessions for organizers currently operating competitions under a mileage exemption or with the permission of the priority date holder. Additional information on the training sessions will be released in the coming weeks.

Additional rule changes approved by the Board of Directors on June 30, 2015:

General Rules
Approved 2014 Rule Change – GR1035.2, page 2.
Approved 2015 Rule Changes – GR404, GR821.2, GR1009.1, GR1124.6, pages 8-12.

Arabian Rules
Approved 2015 Rule Changes – AR106.9, AR159.2, AR225.4, pages 13-15.

Dressage Rules
Approved 2015 Rule Change – DR126, page 16.

Equitation Rules
Approved 2015 Rule Changes – EQ 110.6, EQ110.12, pages 17-18.

Eventing Rules
Approved 2015 Rule Change – EV114.4, page 20.

Hunter Rules
Approved 2014 Rule Changes – HU179, HU180.1, pages 4-6.
Approved 2015 Rule Changes – HU106.8, HU125.4, pages 21-22.

Jumping Rules
Approved 2015 Rule Change – JP120.1, page 23.

Approved 2015 Rule Change – VA126.10, page 24.

Western Dressage
Approved 2015 Rule Change – WD127.1, page 26.

A complete copy of the current 2015 USEF Rule Book and all approved rule changes can be found at