Woodside Vaulters Win 2007 National Team Title

The Woodside Vaulters won the 2007 USEF/AVA National Team Championship as Mary McCormick and Devon Maitozo picked up individual gold.

August 22, 2007 — The Woodside Vaulters claimed the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF)/American Vaulting Association National Team Championship, which took place August 9-12 at the National Western Complex in Denver, Colo. Mary McCormick had the top score in the women’s division, and Devon Maitozo was first in the men’s division to score gold medals.

The Woodside Vaulters team of Katharine Wick, Elizabeth Osborn, Yvonne Greenen, Megan Lanfri, Anne Lewis, Alicen Divita and Marina Olivieri had the top score of 7.772.

In the gold division, the women who finished in the top three are considered to be the best female vaulters in the U.S. Taking first place was McCormick, who is a member of the Mt. Eden Vaulting Club, which is home to one of the oldest and most successful vaulting programs in the country. McCormick led the female division with an overall score of 8.521. Coming in second place was Osborn (Woodside Vaulters) with a total score of 8.439; third place went to Divita (Woodside Vaulters) with a total score of 8.391.

In the men’s gold division, Maitozo took top honors with a total score of 8.737. Maitozo is the USEF’s number one ranked male vaulter and is part of the F.A.M.E. (Free Artists Mt. Eden) team. Coming in second place was Kenny Geisler (Diamond Bar Country Vaulters) with a total score of 8.170; third place went to Jonny McCollister (Nu Balance Vaulters) with a total score of 7.397.

Vaulting is most easily described as gymnastics performed on a moving horse. Participants are judged on a set of compulsory moves and in freestyle competition. They perform seven compulsory exercises and freestyle on a horse being longed in a circle. The horse is an important part of this team, and the horse score is averaged with the vaulters’ final score.