Your Complete Guide to Western Dressage:12 Lessons to Take You From The Basics To Your First Show by Lynn Palm with Sue M. Copeland

Top horsewoman Lynn Palm, winner of 34 Reserve and World Championships, as well as ?Superhorse? Championships, offers step-by-step exercises to take you through your first Western dressage test.

January 13, 2014–If you think dressage is just for English riders, think again!

In Your Complete Guide to Western Dressage:12 Lessons to Take You From The Basics To Your FirstShow, World Champion horsewoman Lynn Palm joins forces with award-winning journalist Sue M. Copeland for the ultimate primer on Western Dressage, a new discipline recently recognized by the United States Equestrian Federation.

As top trainers have known for years, classical dressage provides a sound foundation for virtually any equestrian pursuit, from eventing, hunter/jumper and trail riding to barrel racing, cutting cattle and more. “Dressage emphasizes a harmonious partnership between horse and rider, enabling you to communicate with your horse with the lightest of aids, in terms he can understand,” Palm explains.”That means you get his full cooperation?without bigger-bit, sharper-spur intimidation. As a result, he’ll become supple, relaxed, trusting and obedient.”

With Palm’s program, you and your horse can achieve the forward, rhythmic straightness that lead to balance and collection, and through this, the harmony you seek. You’ll find easy lessons to booth athleticism, improve your use of the aids and “ramp up” your head-to-tail body control. Even lateral work is de-mystified in exercises that pave the way for more advanced and demanding maneuvers. The result will be seamless transitions, better rider position and balance, and a happier, more cooperative horse.

Ready to compete in this growing discipline? Western Dressage is open to any size or breed of horse and any level of participation. With this book, you’ll prepare for your first show by “riding” a primary Western Dressage test with tips and insights galore from Palm.

Lavishly illustrated with color photos and diagrams,Your Complete Guide to Western Dressage also includes a glossary of terms, sample Western Dressage tests and a list of ?Western Dressage organizations and breed associations that offer Western Dressage classes at their shows.

Your Complete Guide to Western Dressage:12 Lessons to Take You From The Basics To Your First Show

is 88 pages and retails for $24.95. Order a copy today by calling (800) 952-5813 or visiting

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