Sweepstakes-Contest-Giveaway Winners

See who the lucky winners were below.


3 Horseware Blanket Giveaway by Banixx with EQUUS
Kala Stafford
Seana Willis
Laura Dilocker

WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Fly Sheet and Mask Giveaway with EQUUS
Ami Aiuto
Janine Hastreiter
Christine Pacocha

Showsheen Tail Transformation Contest with EQUUS
Lori Mcintosh
Gretchen Haydam
Devin Nelson

Wound Care Whiz Quiz with EQUUS
Danielle Heaney
Nathalie Ferrato
Mary Lengyel
Christine Eck
Mary Gentry
Heather Ruble

Cool Joint Points Quiz with EQUUS
Chloe Johnson
Emma Summers
Liz Bouta

Flex+Max Quiz and Giveaway with EQUUS
Cynthia Anderson
Krista Gobby
Jennifer Silver-Starkey
Vanessa Rango
Tina Lyons
John Panzenhagen

Fall in Love with WeatherBeeta Giveaway with EQUUS
Alysa Allen
Katlyn Bullard
Rachel Thompson

Make the Holidays Merrier with Dublin Boots Giveaway with EQUUS
Laurel Glass
Diane Nale
Judy Boone

2022 Trainer of the Year with Horse&Rider
Shawna Brown

Warwick Schiller Horsemanship Giveaway with Horse&Rider
Diane Saunders
Sandy Terry Everett
Donna Hatten

Weaver Leather Synergy Saddle Pad Giveaway with Horse&Rider
Wendy Kunz
Nanette Kamp
Amber Murchison
Alyssa Murray

Manna Pro Summer Essentials Giveaway with Horse&Rider
Jessica Lovelady
Cindy Farrington
Jessica Tucker

$400 Weaver Leather Gear Giveaway with Horse&Rider
Kasey Robinson
Kelly Amundson

New Troxel Terrain Giveaway with Horse&Rider
Renness Lonning
Kim Currie
Kayleigh Jackson
Pam Grossman

Floral Watercolor Collection by Weaver Leather Giveaway with Horse&Rider
Anita Jude
Shannon Hart-Honaker
Sara Sanderman

Sharing Joy Giveaway with Horse&Rider
Angela Stuck
Cindy Ashauer
Teresa Byersdorf

2022 Trainer of the Year with Practical Horseman
Clarissa Welmerding

Kemin Shopping Spree with Practical Horseman
Nicole Frazer
Alexandra Tapp
Gina Amador
Barbara Broads

Dublin Paddock Boot Giveaway with Practical Horseman
Denise Pellerito
Dillon McPherson
Judy Carbone

Kerrits Affinity Giveaway with Practical Horseman
Rachel Satterthwaite
Emily Burke

Win a Day with Boyd Martin with Practical Horseman
Merrilyn Ratliff

Win a Trip to Maryland 5 Star 2022 with Practical Horseman
Jocelyn Wright

Shape Up Your Supplements Giveaway with Practical Horseman
Victoria Eubanks
Adrienne Lambert
Wendy Pillar

VitaFlex Pro Supplement Giveaway with Practical Horseman
Sandy McDonald
Susan Ditter
Leannah Donaldson

GLO and Forage First GS Feed Giveaway with Practical Horseman
Darcy Sun

World Cup 2023 Jumping Trip Sweepstakes with Practical Horseman
Carrie Morris

SmartPak Hadley Luxe ROOTD Bundle Giveaway with Dressage Today
Lisa McFarland

VitaFlex Festival of the Champions Giveaway with Dressage Today
Molly Harma
Joyce Phipps
Deanna Selioutski

SmartPak Jade ROOTD Giveaway with Dressage Today
Karen Nemeth

Gloss It Up Giveaway with Dressage Today
Pamela Gay
Erin Percival
Carla Free

World Cup 2023 Dressage Trip Sweepstakes with Dressage Today
Charlotte LeBlanc

Sentinel Feed Giveaway with Stable Management
Amy Schultz
Melissa Dragon
Anne Dawson
Teresa Bippert-Plymate
Shayna Swindell

Deck the Stalls Giveaway with A Home for Every Horse


SmartPak’s Quiz & Giveaway with Dressage Today
Isabella Desantis
Lisa Plate
Taylor Austell

Phillip Dutton Experience Sweepstakes with Practical Horseman 
Sierra Lesny

Shires Blanket Giveaway with Practical Horseman
Renee Koch
Julie Griffin
Caitlin Gallagher
Patti Spencer
Cheryl McLaughlin
Sara Pincelli
Klaudia Maciag
Elizabeth Levesque
Sondra Dix
Anneliese Hernandez
Taylor Randall

Sentinel Feed Giveaway with Practical Horseman
Jackie Dushaj
Julie Petrak
Vicki Hoverkamp
Heather Cullis Spence

Dublin Footwear Giveaway with Practical Horseman
Anastasia Bale
Amanda MacPhee
Marsha Pillet
Miriam Sekhon

WeatherBeeta Collegiate Giveaway with Practical Horseman
Abbey Wagoner
Brittany Dennington
Faith Bal
Janet Skerry

SmartPak Hadley Giveaway with Practical Horseman  
Michelle McDaniel
Mary Wellington
Shelby Halley

Shires Fly Control Giveaway with Practical Horseman
Jocelyn Lewis 
Debbie Davenport
Lorri Basara
Lisa Smith
Penny Purcell
Carol Pecot
Annette McDonald
Denise Burrell
Stacy Marks
Hailey Blinkiewicz
Gabrielle Nguyen
Lacy Sickler

Confidence EQ® Giveaway with Practical Horseman
Debra Sannwaldt
Laurel Olson
Judy Emmert
Ashley Bergeron
Jessica Manning

SmartPak Supplement Quiz with Practical Horseman
Jennifer Taylor

Sentinel Feed Giveaway with Horse&Rider
Alice Morris
Erin Simon
Lori Coffell
Denise Caupp
Ashley Helm

WeatherBeeta Green-Tec Lite Giveaway with Horse&Rider
Lacey Winn
Shannon Burchfield
Maggie Bradshaw
Robin Ward

Synergy® By Weaver Giveaway with Horse&Rider
Dani Montandon
Elizabeth Hahn

2021 Cowboy Magic Giveaway Contest with EQUUS
Anita Markiewicz
Diane Burkey
Kathy Cassinelli

Say What!? Test your veterinary term knowledge and enter to win a prize package from ADM with EQUUS
Melissa Greene

PetMeds® $250 Shopping Spree Contest with EQUUS
Beth Shepherd
Teresa Hicks

Kemin Equine Shopping Spree Contest with EQUUS
Anita Symonds
Jill Schulke
Lynn Leehmann
Gail Lindsey 

Weaver/Synergy CoolAid Giveaway with EQUUS
Tracy Hasler
James Coyle
Susan Dempster
Kim Decker

ADM Pick A Trip Contest with EQUUS
Sarah Hargreaves
Hannah Burdon
Emily Hanson
Jana Scelia

1-800-PetMeds® Shopping Spree Contest with EQUUS
Patricia Miles
Kelsey Mcqueen
Elan Obrien
Amy Strickler Priddy
George Moore 


American Cowboy ‘Sparkles and Spurs’ Giveaway
Annabelle Holtegaard

EquiManagement ‘Champions of the Cause’
Hannah Schlanger
Darla Garon

Spin To Win Rodeo‘s ‘Win a Day with Patrick Smith’ Contest
Cameron Dahozy

Horse&Rider‘s ‘Win an Adventure with Ken McNabb’ Contest
Larry Weatherford

A Home For Every Horse’s ‘Heart Your Horse’ Giveaway
Heather Fehlner
Cortney Ruehle
Victoria McIlrath
Karen McGarrah

Kent Nutrition Group’s Equine Nutrition Quiz as part of Practical Horseman‘s #Rolex17
Blue Seal Bucket: Lauren Spillmann, Jackie Berkey
Kent Bucket: Victoria Willock, Lexi Lucas

Bates Saddles Daily Quiz Giveaway as part of Practical Horseman‘s #Rolex17
Day 1 winner: Sarah Christie
Day 2 winner: Alison Ward
Day 3 winner: Lauren Henry

Horse&Rider‘s ‘Dixie Renegade Horse Trailer Giveaway’ Contest
Tammy Ferguson

A Home For Every Horse’s ‘Horses with Heart’ Giveaway
Melissa Reed
Tina Garrett
Dave Burns
Tiffany Ring

A Home For Every Horse’s ‘Everyday Rescue Hero’ Giveaway
Mya Jackson
Michelle Sloan
Lisa Post
Bobbie Hultman

Spin To Win Rodeo & American Cowboy‘s ‘Timed Event Championship VIP’ Giveaway
Jane Meyer
Tara Dill
Nancy Baylock
Wesley Hale

EQUUS ‘Professional Horseman’ Contest
Russell Hennig, nominated by Charron Klotz

Practical Horseman‘s Blankets For All Seasons Giveaway
Weekly winners: Helen Hindley, Kelly Stackpole, Heather MacDonald, Lindsay Berreth 
Grand prize winner: Joy M. Glassman 

‘If You Were A Horse, What WeatherBeeta Blanket Would YOU Be?’ Quiz
Krista Boudreaux


#WeatherBeetaWednesday Giveaways
Patrick Tompkins, Elizabeth Jane Nixon, Jennifer Trott, Tracy Brennan, Sherry Besley, Mary Sue Lewis

Dressage Today’s FEI World Cup Dressage Omaha Travel Sweepstakes
Danielle Vitosh

Practical Horseman‘s Longines FEI World Cup Omaha Travel Sweepstakes
Aly Senatore

EQUUS’ Barn Buddies Photo Contest
Jacqueleen Kareh

Horse&Rider‘s ‘Win a Day with Fallon Taylor’ Contest
Sydney Cameron

Spin To Win Rodeo ‘5 Star Equine Saddle Pad’ Giveaway
Ruth Tucker

American Cowboy‘s MGM Grand Giveaway
Sy Ochoa
Justin Mohlke

Spin To Win Rodeo‘s Mirage VIP Giveaway
Jeannie Willeto
Michael Dawson

Absorbine Giveaways
April/Horse&Rider – Amber Gentry
May/Horse&Rider – Jeff Peery
June/Dressage Today – Ladye Blair
June/USRider – Elizabeth Wellborn
July/Dressage Today – Shaunta Edmond
August/The Trail Rider – Alison Marrs
September/The Trail Rider – Rachel Pendley
October/EQUUS – Whitney Verner
November/EQUUS – Kristen Goulis
December/Practical Horseman – Mary Ann Rice

Horse&Rider ‘The Great Blanket’ Giveaway
Ashley Lyle
Tammy Robinson
Lisa McFarland
Bob Salamone

American Cowboy ‘Sparkles and Spurs’ Giveaway
Nichole Smith

The Trail Rider and USRider ‘Equicaching’ Giveaway
Grand Prize: Donna DeYoung
Second Place: Janet Citron
Third Place: Linda Moore
Laurene Davis
Michelle Maxwell Ellis
Debbie Camplone

The Trail Rider ‘5 Star Equine Saddle Pad’ Giveaway
Katelin Gosser

Horse&Rider ‘Troxel Helmet’ Giveaway
Grand Prize Heather Oja
Shannon Hart-Honaker
Ivan McKinnon
Amy Barton

Horse&Rider ‘Vita Flex Horse Trailer’ Giveaway
Sarah Mayes

EquiManagement ‘Champions of the Cause’
Brittany Husser
Katie Jones

EquiSearch.com ‘Step Into Spring’ Giveaway
Susan T Frey
Karen Wallace

EQUUS ‘Dogs On The Go’ Contest
Suzan Sommer

Practical Horseman ‘RoadToRolex16 Horse Feed (Kent)’ Giveaway
Jessica Bradbury
Jennifer Vogel
Charles Techert
Debbie Wilhelm
Tracy Rieks
Paula L.Reed-Adams
Genevieve Faith
Pamela J. Logghe

Practical Horseman ‘Fans Of F.O.A.L’ Contest
Catherine Platt
Holly Elizabeth Mooney
Megan Moore
Annie Floramo

Practical Horseman ‘Ultimate RK3DE Experience’ Contest
Madison Brown

EQUUS ‘Professional Horseman’ Contest
Chad Osborne, nominated by Edith Abramczyk

Stable Management’s ‘Tack Room Makeover’
Gayle O’Neill

EQUUS’ ‘Electrobraid Fence’ Giveaway
Laura Lenkey

American Cowboy’s ‘RWR Cowboy Weekend’ Giveaway
Clara Wilbanks

American Cowboy‘s ‘Dolly Parton: Coat of Many Colors DVD’ Giveaway
Lisa McMahon
Mandy Zang
Linda Gooch
Kathy Frantz
Kimberly Grace Bowman
Tricia Fehr
Ivan Saldana
Sharon Davis
Patti Smith
Joanne Granger

USRider’s ‘Favorite Place to Travel with Your Horse’ Sweepstakes
Cynthia Boriskin

Spin To Win Rodeo‘s ‘5 Star Equine Saddle Pad’ Giveaway
Eddy Joyce

American Cowboy and Spin To Win Rodeo‘s ‘TEC VIP’ Sweepstakes
Katie Tosh
Kristie Silver
Sierra Wright
Jeff Fortenberry


Horse&Rider‘s ‘Win a Day with Brad Barkemeyer’ Contest
Staci Huffman

Horse&Rider‘s ‘Dixie Renegade Trailer Giveaway’ sweepstakes
Sharon Butler

Dressage Today‘s ‘Outfit My Ride’ Contest
Grand prize winner:
Pamela Rosenberger

Second place (show backpack):
Peggy Halpin

Third place:
Karen McIntyre

Spin To Win Rodeo‘s ‘Spinnies’ Contest
Grand prize winners:
James Selph
Heather Johnson

Weekly Winner:
Chance Means

Practical Horseman‘s ‘Longines FEI World Cup Jumping Las Vegas’ Travel Sweeps
Vanessa Smith

American Cowboy‘s ‘Sparkles and Spurs’ sweepstakes
Connie Lane

EQUUS’ ‘Holiday Hounds’ Photo Contest
Beverly Davidson

EquiManagement‘s ‘Champions of the Cause’ Contest
Beth Berarov
Claudia Davidson

EQUUS’ ‘World Class Grooming’ Giveaway
Stephanie Porter

Stable Management‘s ‘School Horse of the Year Award’ Contest
Beth Stone

USRider’s ‘Member Story’ Contest
Linda Seay Robertson

‘Vita Flex Fine Line Scholarship’ Contest
Dressage Today: Missy Fladland
EQUUS: Merilee Cook
Horse&Rider: Lisa Graham
Practical Horseman: Kathryn Resnick

American Cowboy‘s ‘Wayne Western Giveaway’
Jeff Clough
Julie Lawrence
Carol LuBien
Will Griesmer
Joanne Stanton
Michael Meadows
James Myers
Jay Kloosterman
Sheryl Cullum
Ed Jones

Practical Horseman‘s ‘Win A Day with Jim Wofford and Sharon White’ Contest
Liza Green

The Trail Rider‘s ‘Beat the Heat’ Contest
Ann McNew
Diana Thirft
Rachel Masen

Practical Horseman‘s ‘Noble Outfitters™ Find Your Balance’ Contest
Trish Albert
Debra Bedia
Cecilia Fisher
Dianne Kingsland
Hannah Peterson

EQUUS’ Grooming ‘Great Reveal’ Photo Contest
Deborah Perkins

USRider’s ‘Swift Hitch’ Sweepstakes
Jason Cowell

American Cowboy‘s ‘Rockin Western Rendezvous’ Giveaway
Leigh Cooper

Practical Horseman‘s ‘Show Us Your Soft-Rides’ Sweepstakes
Grand prize winner:
Amanda Averett

Weekly winners:
Rebecca Hampton
Kathleen Pendleton

Practical Horseman‘s ‘#RoadtoRolex15 Farnam’ Giveaway
Gloria Perez

Practical Horseman‘s ‘#RoadtoRolex15 Blue Seal Giveaway
Week 1 winners:
Suzy Johnson
Sandy Piacente

Week 2 winners:

Lynda Nesbitt
Hillary Irwin

Week 3 winners:

Diane Roemer
Theresa McDonough Cravener

Week 4 winners:

Chuck Holland
Chris Skudlarek

Week 5 winners:

Janice L. Friddle
Anthony Williams

Week 6 winners:
Shannon Burchfield
Heather Iverson

EQUUS’ ‘Dirty Dog Photo’ Contest
Mother Synkletike

Dressage Today’s 4 Weeks of ‘World Cup’ Giveaways
Jessica Foschi
Patricia Jorgenson

Practical Horseman’s 4 Weeks of ‘World Cup’ Giveaways
Bittany Saad
Richard Sauerman
Crystal Hager
Genevieve Faith
Erin Perez
Sylvia Wagers
Laura Kimball
April Halleran
Andrea Maitland
Diane Schoonover
Marilyn Rumbaugh
Ashley Lawrence

American Cowboy‘s ‘Rockin WR Poetry’ Contest
Floyd Traynor
Susan O’Connell

Spin to Win Rodeo and American Cowboy‘s ‘TEC Vip’ Sweepstakes
John Ragsdale
Tyler Jones
Cindy Stroschein
Tiffany Thomas

American Cowboy‘s ‘Which PBR Pro Are You’ Sweepstakes
Jeanne Harrison

EQUUS’ ‘Professional Horseman Award’ Contest
Stephen Coffey, nominated by Sabrina Graham


EQUUS’ Best Friends Photo Contest
Beverly Davidson

Spin to Win Rodeo‘s Spinnies Sweepstakes
Kylie Bedene

Dressage Today’s “Win a Tip to the Reem Acra FEI World Cup™ Dressage Finals” Sweepstakes
Joe Wilson

Practical Horseman’s “Win a Trip to the Longines FEI World Cup™ Jumping Finals” Sweepstakes
Debra Lange

EQUUS Noble Fork It Over Contest
Grand Prize:
Tana Warrington

Sandra Montgomery
Michael S. Darrin
Mike Myers
Ron Hetzer

Practical Horseman‘s Ride Through Fall In Style Noble Outfitters Sweepstakes
Carmel Dunlap

American Cowboy‘s What’s Your Rodeo Event Sweepstakes
Matt Torok

American Cowboy‘s #RoadtoNFR14 Style sweepstakes
Andrew Koester

EquiManagement iPad Giveaway
T.J. Barclay, DVM

EquiManagement and Purina Giveaway
Duncan Peters and Erica Reinman

Practical Horseman’s Win A Day with Anne Kursinski Contest
Jennifer Harper

EQUUS Horse Trailer Giveaway sweepstakes
Tena Zunk

Practical Horseman‘s “Win It Before You Can Buy It” Noble Outfitters™Giveaway
Stephanie Hammer

American Cowboy‘s PBR World Finals Sweepstakes
Bill Bagwell

Practical Horseman and EQUUS Normandy Travel Contest
Susan Koory

Weekly winners:
Marie Scott
Jen Ahwesh
Sammie Voss
Greg Hince
Laurie Robbins
Maria Treacy
Holly Flint
Pamela Downing
Lewis Huffman
Jennifer Jennings

#BarnLife Contest
Sandy Lynch

EQUUS’ Professional Horseman Award Contest
Kevin Young, nominated by Lori Tankel 


EQUUS’ Best Friends Photo Contest
Sharon Coney

Practical Horseman‘s Training with the Stars: Win a Day with Phillip Dutton contest
Shannon Brown


EQUUS Best Friends Contest
Lucy Kusluch

Tell Us Your Barefoot Story Contest
Weekly Winners:
Rebecca M. Lux
Jessica L. Bowers
Carol L. Hatfield
Amy L. O’Shaughnnessy
Rochelle Hundt
Ann Triumpho

Grand Prize Winner:
Celia Simon

Practical Horseman Ireland Equestrian Vacation Sweepstakes
Grand Prize: Hope Ropke
2nd Place Prize: Kelly Miller
3rd Place Prize: Shay Hanson-Gould

Trail Rider Vermont Riding Trip Sweepstakes
Winner: Tanina Linden, Fredricksburg, Va.


Dressage Today Project Centerline Contest
Winner of Fun & Functional
Rhiannon Kincaid

Winner of Innovative Dressage Show Apparel
Claire Sutera

Winner of Innovative Helmet
Ann Knaus

Winner of Functional Foul Weather
Riki SeHee Kim

Horse&Rider Your Horse, Your Life
Winner: Denice Kinney of Fairfield, Ill.
Finalists: Pam Foster of Downsville, La., Connie Urbach of Berryville, Va., Jennifer Christensen of Nesconset, N.Y., and Lauryn Zepada of Bolivia, N.C.

EQUUS Best Friends Contest:
Winner: LeAnne Dayon of St. Michael MN

SuperMask Horse&Rider Anniversary Sweepstakes
Winner: Sandra Montgomery of Blairsville, Georgia

Dressage Today Project Centerline
Original Helmet Winner:
“Display Your Show Number” Design by Ann Knaus

Dressage Show Apparel Winner:
“Warm-Weather Show Vest” Design by Claire Sutera

Functional Foul Weather Winner:
“All-Season Riding Jacket” Design by Riki SeHee Kim

Fun & Functional Winner:
“Figure-Flattering Riding Top” Design by Rhiannon Kincaid

Buckeye Win a Day with Stacy Westfall
Viv Branstetter

Horse&Rider 50th Anniversary Saddle Sweepstakes
Rebekah Taylor

EQUUS Professional Horseman Contest
(entry period ended January 31, 2011)
Dr. Mike Pallone, nominated by Danna Walthall

Equine.com 15 Anniversary Sweepstakes
Sharon RaderLive from Lexington Contest
(entry period ended October 18, 2010)
Won the iPad Sweeps Contest
Rebecca Daniels

Won the Blog-O-Spodent Contest

Kristen Oakhurt
Nina Akerley


Clinton Anderson Vegas Tour Sweepstakes presented by eZall and Horse & Rider
(entry period ended April 30, 2010)
Jan Beyers of Moreno Valley, CA

Wyoming Riding Vacation Sweepstakes
(entry period ended February 28, 2010)
Trip: Dixie Lee West of Solgohachia, AR

Ireland Riding Vacation Sweepstakes
(entry period ended February 28, 2010)
Trip: Cheryl Coville of Delanson, NY
Dubarry Galway boots: Lisa Gammill of Smithfield, VA
Rambo Newmarket fleece: Michelle Brogan of Mantua, OH

EQUUS Professional Horseman Award
(entry period ended January 31, 2010)
Winner: Terry Geber, nominated by Janet Rose


Dressage Today Photo Caption Contest
September 2009: Steve McCarthy of Holden, MA
October 2009: Wendy Malek of Rosamond, CA
November 2009: Mariel Milito of Winter Park, CO
December 2009: Robin Brown of Sarasota, FL
January 2010: Amanda Gamble of Columbus, OH
February 2010: Nancy Gensch of Califon, NJ
March 2010: Debbie Penny of Midland, MI
April 2010: Dona Hoffman of Middletown, MD
May 2010: Jodi Gear of Ferndale, WA
June 2010: Susan Vikstrom of Zumbrota, MN
July 2010: Justine Wilson of Lathrop, CA
August 2010: Jay and Bridget Laifman of Oak Park, CA

Wrangler® Ultimate Ride Sweepstakes
(entry period ended October 8, 2009)
Grand prize winner: Renee Twombly of Auburn, AL
See Renee’s entry and the weekly winners at HorseandRider.com/UltimateRide.

Horse & Rider’s Day with Al Dunning Sweepstakes
Day with Al Dunning: Shannan Usiak of Corrales, NM
J.W. Brooks custom cowboy hat: Holly Berdin of Kingman, AZ
Professional’s Choice prize package: Sara Welsh of Glenshaw, PA
LubriSyn joint supplement: Karri Webb of Evansville, WY

Horse & Rider’s John Wayne DVD Giveaway
(entry period ended August 31, 2009)

  • El Dorado: Kenneth Schaeffer, Elizabeth Webb, Bernadette Motherway, Justin Havens and Alan Deutsch
  • The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance: Timothy Winslow, Sandy Michaels, Cara Vandy, Rachel Schichtl and Maryjol Gillette

Week with Lendon Gray Contest
(entry period ended July 31, 2009, also won a Bates Innova Saddle)Karen Pikovsky, Irwin, PA

Week with John & Beezie Madden Contest
(entry period ended July 31, 2009, also won Bates Next Generation Elevation Saddle)Karen Perry, Tulsa, OK

2nd Chance Horsemastership Sweepstakes
(entry period ended July 31, 2009)

  • Bates Next Generation Elevation saddle: Kendra Schoff
  • Cosequin ASU and poster of eventer Phillip Dutton: Helen Brew
  • One ton of Purina Premium Lifestyle Horse Feed: Courtney Green

Horsemastership Sweepstakes #1
(entry period ended May 31, 2009)

  • Bates Next Generation Elevation saddle: Rachel Fanta
  • Cosequin ASU and poster of eventer Phillip Dutton: Donna Tresslar
  • One ton of Purina Premium Lifestyle Horse Feed: Eileen Matz

Clinton Anderson Half-Day Sweepstakes
(entry period ended April 15, 2009)Tara Best of Buna, TX

Parelli Celebration Sweepstakes
(sweeps ended April 15, 2009)

  • January 2009: Jeannette McAuley
  • February 2009: Nicole Trotta
  • March 2009: Elaine Rounds
  • April 2009: Kimberly Worth

Horse & Rider Pink Oster Grooming Kit Giveaway
(entry period ended February 28, 2009)Shirley Hilliard of Justin, TX

My Best Friends Photo Contest
(entry period ended January 5, 2009)

  • Gift certificate for 3 months of dog food in SmartPaks: Sandy Scoville
  • Cosequin gift bag: Vicki Hainey
  • HorseBooksEtc.com basket of books: Kim Stambaugh
  • Dogs book from HorseBooksEtc.com: Sheri Lonas
  • Speaking for Spot book from HorseBooksEtc.com: Janet Denton


Catch the Spirit Sweepstakes
(entry period ended October 15, 2008)

  • Bates jumping saddle with certificate signed by Beezie Madden: Andrea Rice
  • Value 4-pack of SMB Elite Sports Medicine Boots and Ballistic Overreach Boots from Professional’s Choice: Trista Plummer
  • Devoucoux’s Grand Prix Rider’s Jacket signed by Laura Kraut, Jeffrey Welles, Amy Tryon, Phillip Dutton and Charlie Jayne: Leigh Shelton
  • Gift certificate for 10 bags of Nutrena horse feed: Geary Manuel, Sharon LaPrade, Cheryl Torres
  • Olympic Mattes saddle pad from Equibrand signed by Kim Severson: Jen Dilge
  • Steffen Peters SMx Shearling Lined Dressage Pad and photo signed by Steffen Peters: Jesse Stratton
  • Value 4-pack of Leather Protection Boots and photo signed by Steffen Peters: Linda Kohls
  • Beval saddle pad signed by Chris Kappler: Julie Myles, Anita Beach
  • Eponaire director’s chair signed by Robert Dover: Nancy Winning, Cori Jack
  • Set of 3 bags of Purina Mills horse feed and ball cap signed by Darren Chiacchia: Melinda Davies, Heidi Olson, Louise Hintz
  • Cosequin HA+ASU Treats and a personalized poster of Phillip Dutton: Sharon Jaeke, Laura Baxter
  • English Riding Supply saddle pad and ball cap signed by Rodrigo Pessoa: Vivian Parry
  • English Riding Supply saddle pad and visor signed by Anky van Grunsven: Marilyn Ulicny
  • Heritage Elite Show Gloves: Dawn Bradley

Week with a Madden Team Contest
(entry period ended August 1, 2008)

  • Week with Frank Madden: Terri Young of Leesburg, VA
  • Week with John & Beezie Madden: Maggie Smith of Mentor, OH

Horsemastership Sweepstakes #2
(entry period ended August 1, 2008)

  • Bates saddle: Lea Bove and Meaghan Costanzo
  • One ton of Purina Mills Equine Feed: Sandra Harris

Horsemastership Sweepstakes #1
(entry period ended May 1, 2008)

  • Bates saddle: Erin Martin and Elizabeth Burdo
  • One ton of Purina Mills Equine Feed: Christina McCarthy

Horse & Rider’s Reining 101 Sweepstakes
(entry period ended April 20, 2008)

  • A day with Team H&R member Stacy Westfall: Rebecca Reed
  • 1-year membership to Horse.com’s Horsemanship Training Library: Patt Tallman, Ann Briggs, Nicole DeFelice, Andrea Nonne and Sharon Walls
  • Bob Avila training bit from Professional’s Choice: Jennifer White, Janice Jordan, Marie Molsbee, Melanie Brynn Swing-Egebrecht, Nancy Hannah and Rose Giroux


EQUUS 30th Anniversary Sweepstakes
(entry period ended December 6, 2007)

  • 1 Nelson automatic horse waterer: Catherine Odom
  • 1 Wintec 500 All-Purpose Saddle: Kara Janiszak
  • 1 ton of SafeChoice horse feed: Becky Polomski
  • 10-DVD Parelli Success Series Kit: Laurie Zoecklein
  • 1 Rhino Plus turnout blanket: Sarah Bishop
  • Pair of Mountain Horse Fusion Winter High Rider boots: Nikki Benson
  • Intervet Winter Critical Care Kit: Suzanne Burychka
  • 4 Strongid C2X kits: David Whoolery, Pamela Jacobs, Suzanne Folwick and Sally Baldwin
  • 2 containers of ReitSport HA-100: Tracy Bright and Michele Akey
  • 5 containers of Formula4 Feet: Belinda Ebert, Becky Moore, Sherry Blenden, Krista Demuth and Melany Auger
  • 5 Eous Fleece Rugs: Carrie Sisson, Lorraine Ridge, Colleen Larish, Jasmine McCalley and Suzanne Armstrong
  • 30 Jeffers gift certificates: Patricia Dauphin, Billie Baresich, Noreen Jeremiah, Brenda Cyr, Diane Nell, Eugenia Orlandi, Patricia Schulthies, Donald Roys Jr, Susan Huffman, Abbie Quesnell, Latisha Webb, Melody Stutz, Karen Willis, Sydney Good, Lee Dail, Jerry Romero, Cynthia Tipton, Hillary Clark, Nancy Ingram, Devin Waller, Janet Schuh, Christine Collins, Carolyn Barren, Pamela Ward, Nancy Harris, Jo Ann Hitman, Jennifer Borg, Katherine Walker, Robin Stender and Ann Miller
  • 5 $50 STARHORSE gift certificates: Valorie Hollan, Suzanne Coesfeld, Victoria Ross, Heather Flores and Staci Muschick
  • 4 $50 Tractor Supply gift cards: Jean Treece, Pamela Warren, Mary Patrick-Grabowski and Jerry Ekstrom
  • 5 Devonshire fleece jackets: Deborah Pesa, Chris Lezny, Jennifer Elman, Patricia Wages and Amy Kulenkamp
  • 16 Extend-A-Cool kits: Mary Beth Mahoney, Jeffery Hoffman, Thomas Chapman, Mary Ellen Johnson, Charles Billhimer, Carla Brandel, Rose Delozi, Deborah Johnson, Naci Sones, Jennie Lawyer, Tamara Wallace, Jana Ely, Boone Calhoun, Lynda Denzin, Robyn Whitten and Nicole Lenderking
  • 2 containers of Founder Free: Mattie Goodwin and Alan Webb
  • 30 sets of 2 50-lb. bags of Purina Mills Equine Senior Feed: Dawn Johnson, Mara Wada, Barbara Wilson, Lynn Weldin, Ida Madison, Carol Mills, Pat Savage, Helen Johnson, Judy Nason, Carolyn Owens, Patricia Schulthies, Abigail Casillo, Julia Price, Celeste Lagonick, Marcia Munson, Steve Anderson, Kayla Le, Ginna Sanders, Theolet Bodry, DeAnna Moran, Jeanne Luinis, Jennifer Stone, Danielle Shattuck, Candace Mahoney, Mildred Wicker, Heather Livingston, Kathleen Covell-Corkern, Shellie Donbrosky, Karen Recher and Donna Donati
  • 30 Leather New gift packages: Jim Schaefer, Tanya Caravacci, Joel Tedder, Jeanneau Peltier, Karen Hurst, Nancy Seagroves, Lori Harrison, Cheryl Daems, Amanda Quillin, Victoria Brzustowicz, Danielle Reel, Robin Hadrick, Lisa Koenig, Eileen Leskovec, Kathy Robinson, Robin Arthur, Flora Shaughnessy, Alice Gormley, Dolores Troup, Kim Raabe, Amy Hammond-Sanders, Gary Hutchinson, Nancy Oppenheimer, Beth Kelly, Myra Modglin, Cindy Saucedo, Duane Robeck, Liberty Timmons, Sandra Wynkoop and Judy Sherwood
  • Lioness book: Cathy Mealey

EQUUS Pre-30th Anniversary Sweepstakes
(entry period ended August 31, 2007)

  • $500 worth of Farnam products: Claudia Hiatt of Arlington, OR
  • HorseBooksEtc.com prize packages: Merton Parsons of San Antonio, TX; Margaret Bergin of Pelion, SC; Wendy Barnes of Felton, PA

Week with a Madden Team Contest
(entry period ended August 1, 2007)

  • Week with Frank & Stacia Madden: Bonnie Connor of Hillsdale, MI
  • Week with John & Beezie Madden: Katie Faraone of Somervile, MA

Horsemastership Sweepstakes #2
(entry period ended August 1, 2007)

  • One ton of Purina Mills Equine Feed: Brenda Wilson
  • Bates Elevation saddle: Janeen Pasquill, Christee Przewlocki and Susan Landry

Horsemastership Sweepstakes #1
(entry period ended May 1, 2007)

  • One ton of Purina Mills Equine Feed: Laura Sicuro
  • Bates Elevation saddle: Holly Becker, Holly Moyers and Karen Beck

World Cup Las Vegas Sweepstakes
(entry period ended March 22, 2007)

Mindy Moore, Atlanta, GA


Purina Mills Senior Horse Tales Contest
(entry period ended December 31, 2006)

Grand Prize Winner
1.5 tons of Purina Mills Equine Senior Horse Feed
Elzic’s Farewell, owned by Suzanne Alexander of Champaign, IL

First Prize Winners
1/2 ton of Purina Mills Equine Senior Horse Feed
Rus T, owned by Sue Dolezal of Bend, OR
Gembo, owned by Anji Edge of Philpot, KY
Pegasus, owned by Marianne Rose of Los Gatos, CA
Super Star, owned by Peter Underwood of East Brookfield, MA
Wimpys First Star, owned by Angela Stevens of Terrell, TX
Apachi, owned by Kathy Nelson of Winter Haven, FL

Second Prize Winners
Straight from the Heart II book
Bailey Gold Twist, owned by Lisa Duff of Moncure, NC
Justice, owned by Charaty Lawson of New Market, TN
Old Paint, owned by Karen Noland of Beggs, OK
Rock of Ages, owned by Tina Zimmerman of Ellsworth, IL
Sumac, owned by Jody Gilbert of Corydon, IN
Gummi Bear, owned by Nancy McKinney of Naperville, IL
Mullett, owned by Teresa Odom of Shallotte, NC
Sky, owned by Jeff Snyder of Nashville, IN
Kola, owned by Margaret Hall of Hidden Valley Lake, CA
Rahj, owned by Lynn Etchison of Vashon, WA

Jim Wofford’s Practical Horseman Horseman vs. Rider Sweepstakes
(entry period ended December 31, 2006)Rusty Rollings-Petty, Julie Whitlock McKee, Susan Canaday, Patricia Graves and Janet HuntHorse & Rider Anniversary Sweepstakes
(entry period ended December 1, 2006)

  • Stacy Westfall private clinic: Deborah Danforth
  • Smith Brothers gift certificate: Diane Hensel
  • Bionic Gloves: Susan Mulvehill, Amanda Stump, Andrea Caplan, Rita Miller, Melanie Anderson, Benita Comeau, Elizabeth Petrello, Susan McGinnis, Sharon Lynt, Alison Adams and Dorothy Hood
  • Outback Trading Company cap: Leslie Cain, Michele Andrews, Mary Lasky, Debbie Roberts, Donna Greenland, Gloria deGeare, Karen Minter, Lance Torgerson, Mary Ann Sintich, Carla Abernathy, Lynne Wilkinson, Rachel Robinson, Tony Aumiller, SaraLee Earegood, Scott Aldrich, Kathy Rodrigeuz, Patricia Evans, Liz McNeil, Richard Horrum, Annette Doerr, Amy Thomson, Mary Fisher, Amanda Holdeman, Rose Giroux and Arthur Holst

November Dressage Today Magazine Giveaway
(entry period ended November 30, 2006)

  • Debbie McDonald’s Riding Through book: Vivian Turner, Kimberly Sgroi, Caroline Gormley and Sharon Kaminski
  • TR3 Rake cap: Helen Hutmacher, Marla Kerby, Debra Hall, Kim Schulz, Laura Southard, Norma Greeley, Shawna Chambers, Beth Shepherd, Gayle Morgan, Sarah Bennett, Debra Hall and Robert McGrew
  • Platform Treats: Alison Adams, Debra Buck, Brenda Cornish, Angie McFarland, Kristine Yeadon, Lori Darks, Ingrid Lowe, Marie Bicknell, Bill Shaffer and Julia Christy

Flicka Movie Sweepstakes
(entry period ended October 24, 2006)

  • Poster: Beth Stafford, Heidi Schuette, Patricia Sexton, Monica Walker, Janett Cotton, Courtney Stoffel, Barbara Blanton, Kim Grove, Lori Rutherford, Debbie Tarr, Lucy Ballien, Karen Tabascio, Sandy Eilers, Katie Skillman and Lee Fleury
  • Bookmark: Barbara Schirmacher, Leta Trahant, Alissa Laird, Jessica Simpson, Carla Abernathy, Cathy Tingle, Katherine McDonnell, Ellen Gallagher, Chelsea Morris, Joyce Moody, Mary Graves, Cindy Heminger, Catherine Blue, Jackie Post, Carmen Bergstrom, Anna Etheridge, Heidi Kukta, Margaret Bergin, Megan Muzzo, Susan Simon, Tammy Skinner, Judy Hicks, Mary Gibson, Leigh Powell, Kathy Eisenhofer, Marion Burgess, Kathleen Ayers, Anthony Malaschak, Lisa Williams, Shawne Seignious, Laura Cooper, Paul Nygard, Virginia Mitchell, Janice Chrystal, Mary Patrick-Grabowski, Lisa Todd, Russ Klein, Michele Tounzen, Shulamit Wiffen, Deborah Hansen, Cassandra Janda, Bryan Carpenter, Kristina Kruse, Siobhan O’Connell, Jennifer Wainwright, Megan Ashby, Tonja Pilgrim, Roy Merrill, Christine Hosie and Priscilla Davis

Fence Me In Sweepstakes
(entry period ended September 30, 2006)

Mary Olsson, Norwich, CT
Mary won $1,000 worth of fencing from ElectroBraid.

EquiSearch.com WEG Lapel Pin Sweepstakes
(entry period ended September 11, 2006)

Ashley Adams, Alison Adams, Eileen Baliga, Sylvia Barron, Abby Bertelson, Carolyn Bowling, Sharon Bowsher, Chad Boyd, Pamela Brint, Sarah Bullian, Jeffrey Carr, Janice Chrystal, Richard Clark, Jane Coln, Lindsey Corr, Mary Beth Dickinson, Teresa Ensign, Patti Fowler, Joyce Fritz, Barbara Fulciniti, Sarah Fung, Suzanne Hall, Barbara Hamilton, Stephen Hand, Joylynne Harris, Sandra Hatfield, Michelle Henriquez, Diane Hernandez, Brandy Holzapfel, Fay Howell, Pleasant Hoyland, Michelle Hudak, Barbara Iles, Anne Jackman, Sharon Jaeke, Lynnette Jalufka, MJ Justice, Jim Karl, Cyndi Keller, James Kleeman, Pat Krasnowski, Sara LeFever, Kathleen LeMar, Khristina Locker, Sarah Lundstedt, Diane Maley, Lisa McCain, Larry McCormick, Tracie McCormick, Christine Melvin, Marion Moore, Eileen Morgan, Linda Morton, Mary Patrick-Grabowski, Jane Patterson, Sandi Piazza, Nancy Reeves, Elizabeth Robinson, Eve Rock, Leslie Rose, Linda Russell, Sachie Saito, Katie Skillman, Peter Starck, Nancy Stec, Marilyn Stephens, Diane Stewart, Lori Strausbaugh, Vicky Tauzin, Beth Thomas, Michelle Unger, Vivian Vinnacombe, Kendra Vollans, Christine Watanabe and Denise Wilkins

August EQUUS Magazine Giveaway
(entry period ended August 31, 2006)

  • Bionic Gloves: Arlene Cowan, Stacy Kitchin, Barbara Meacham, Victoria Brzustowicz, Teresa White, Susan Knight, Rachelle Lightfoot, Sherry Blenden, Kathy Barnes-Hemsworth and YuLing Weil
  • AAEP Healthy Horses Workshop prize pack: Beth Stafford, Cassandra Farrar, Shama Hussain and Joanna Drennen
  • Formula 4 Feet: Jennifer Swanson, Susan Mayer and Janice Chrystal
  • Professional’s Choice SMB Elites: Kristina Kruse

July Practical Horseman Magazine Giveaway
(entry period ended July 31, 2006)

  • Shapley’s Spa gift basket: Donna Damarodas and Maryalene LaPonsie
  • Professional’s Choice SMx English Girth: Terry Compton
  • Washington International Horse Show prize pack: Patricia Evans, Kathy Barnes-Hemsworth and Heather Kinney
  • EquiFit T-Sport Wraps: Lauren Vitello
  • Professional’s Choice SMB Elites: Michelle R. Sheehan

June Dressage Today Magazine Giveaway
(entry period ended June 30, 2006)

  • Likit Holder: Linda Potter, Marjorielu McManus, Elizabeth Olszyk, Charlene Brothers and Soraya Juarbe-Diaz
  • Bionic Gloves: Julie Krautblatt, Andrea Caplan, Camilla Topham, Dwight Senter, John Zukowski, Pamela Gold, Patricia Rider, Jessica Armstrong, Zee Carter and Alice Stricker
  • Shapley’s Spa gift basket: Jantha Corp and Lacey Williams
  • Tropical Rider cap: Amy Dahl, Carolyn Tucker, Kris McFarland, Linda Bass, Maureen Joseph, Victoria Brzustowicz, Anita Craig, Mary Stirrup, Kim Iasimone and Karen Banning

2006 Truck & Trailer Survey

Joy Williams, Jacksonville, FL
Alfredo Romero, Douglas, AZ
Arianna Everitt, W. Lafayette, IN
Each winner received a copy of the book The Complete Guide to Buying, Maintaining and Servicing a Horse Trailer.

April Horse & Rider Magazine Giveaway
(entry period ended April 30, 2006)

  • Likit Holder: James Piner, Sarah Croman, Eugenia Cheryl Basham, Rita Hankins and Edward Haughn
  • WeatherBeeta 420D Contour Sheet: Suzanne Caiafa, Jean Whipple and Leslie Watson
  • Professional’s Choice Sports Medicine Boot Elites: Lori Daniels
  • Tom Balding spur rowel keychain: Rose Giroux

Hungary Riding Vacation Sweepstakes
(entry period ended April 30, 2006)
Grand Prize Winner
Lynda Rose, Columbus, GA
Trip for two on CCI’s Lipizzaner Trail Vacation in Hungary

First Prize Winner
Jennifer Buller, North Braddock, PA
$750 shopping spree from Dover Saddlery

Second Prize Winner
Jennifer Shaw, Hunting Valley, OH
Fusion stable blanket from WeatherBeeta USA

Third Prize Winner
Roberta Stem, Fort White, FL
Five bags of Strategy® horse feed from Purina

Lynn Palm’s Take the Next Step Sweepstakes
(entry period ended April 21, 2006)

Grand Prize Winner
Sandra Rowland, Carmel, IN

Second Prize Winner
Kellie Lent, Rosanky, TX

Third Prize Winner
Lisa Brand, Albany, IN

2006 Horse & Rider Reader Survey

Jayne Bourdon, Florissant, CO
Jayne won a $50 gift certificate to HorseBooksEtc.com.

December Practical Horseman Magazine Giveaway
(entry period ended December 31, 2005)

  • Wild Horsefeathers Hooded Sweatshirt: Auriette Lindsey and Barb Moore
  • PH T-shirt: Catherine Klable, Karen Gaines, Mary Medina, Marguerite Piazza, John Young, Nancy Macklin, Robert McGuinness and Tricia Meinholz
  • Spirit of the Performance Horse Book: Diana Burns, Marilyn Giarini, Trudee Carreiro, Laura McAlpine, Nancy Makowski, Heidi Peach, Roger Ennis and Sheryl Witkowski
  • Farnam Leather CPR: Christa Mobley, Brenda Cornish, Shannon Flynn, Joyce Margo, Lisa Votino-Tarrant and Susan Baptista

Texas Ranch Vacation Sweepstakes
(entry period ended December 31, 2005)

Dianne B. Phillips, Wilmington, NC
Dianne won a vacation for 2 from Cross Country International.

November Magazine Giveaways
(entry period ended November 30, 2005)


  • Dark Horse Chocolates: Amanda Kinaitis, Marcy Miller & Harold Robinson
  • SSG Riding Gloves: Lu Ann Shoaf and Chris Cobb
  • DT Arena Journal: Phil Cain, Katherine Frazier, Rebecca Obuchowski, Kathleen Davis and Jamie Holder
  • Farnam Leather CPR: Gina Kazimir, Patience Prine-Carr, Diane Bird, Kathy Carrick, Kendall Walker and Lori Audie


  • Bobcat Fleece Jacket: Kim Maguy, Ken Gutman, Jen Smith, Bill Tyliszczak, Jan Hunt, Alyssa Riley, Kristen Fisher, Dawn Cummings, Robin Campbell and Robert McGrew
  • Ginger Ridge Horse Treats: Mary Ayala, Sherry Ward, Cathy Yingling, Jane Cleveland, Victoria Eubanks, Lorrie Beckman, Bernard Niles, Sarah Croman, Ed Wolf, Molle Pacheco, Sharon Brown and Blaine McLaughlin
  • Grand Meadows T-shirt: Pamela Cleveland, Lisa Tarrant, Marlene Stock, Tami Bozarth, Marilyn Robertson, Joyce Rubietta, Karen Banning, Sandra Firkus, Amy Muns, Sara LeFever, Nancy Indelicato, Heather Nielsen, Lisa Garner, Jennifer Hoobler, Jane Huff, Sandy Hicks, Jackie Hartz, Jessica Lane, Susan Rehm, Robin Butrymowicz, Stephanie Jost, Donald Page, Betty Johnson and Stacey Stearns


  • Emerald Valley Gift Basket: Crystal Allen and Onolee Rector
  • Boink Riding Apparel: Tami Davis, Barbara Hawkins, Angelika Hala, Molly Poirier and Kristina Dyken
  • Pat Parelli Book: Michelle Wagner, Jacque Pennington and Tracy Krasnov
  • PH T-shirt: Kimberly Roe, Beth Thomas, Jane Huff, Marie Cunningham, Jacqueline Hilliard, Rita Singleton, Jillayne Heck & Laura Kelso

Dreamer Movie Poster Giveaway
(entry period ended November 4, 2005)

Amber Bahm, Kristina Bambi, Janet Mahurin, Deborah Oller, Brenda Park, Sage Peragallo, Patricia Potter, Deb Rackliff, Kari Teigen & Michelle Tucker

Ireland Sweepstakes
(entry period ended October 31, 2005)

Wicklow Inn-to-Inn Trail Ride in Ireland from Cross Country International
Heather Williams, Port Angeles, CA

$1,000 Shopping Spree from Dover Saddlery
Terri Dye, Uniontown, OH

Arrow Jacket from Horseware Ireland
Charis Vincent, Locust Grove, GA

October Magazine Giveaways
(entry period ended October 31, 2005)


  • Devon-Aire Breeches: Pamela Keith and Stacie Moyle
  • Dressage Arena Journal: Arlene Cowan, Besty Mercer, Terree Holman, Terry Compton and Cheryl Gardner
  • Walter Zettl Video: Anne Marie Geyer, Larisa Tjepkema, Connie Passejna, Patricia Artimovich, Katie Molzer, Jaye-Lynn Crawford, Marisa Chipman, Elizabeth Bailey, Autumn Beck, Michelle Meghrouni, Jaimee Dettlaff, Susan Lyons, Carol Poole, Regina Nelson and Beth Hart
  • Spirit of the Performance Horse Book: Joanne Lord, Karen Staley, Linda Dowling, Sonja Pica and Mary Andrews


  • SmartPak Gift Certificate: Amy Schmitz and Tracy Hudock
  • Kentucky Horse Park Tickets: Allison Wardell, Debbie Mullinix, Cathy Yingling, Gabrielle DeNofrio and Sandra Bashore
  • EQUUS T-shirt: Janet Andrews, Angie Wagner, Christy Baker, Amy Thomson, Stephanie Fitkin, Elizabeth Pino, Nancy Hermanson and Jesika Teeters


  • Domma TPR Tendon Boots: Natalie Norton, Sherry Bartley, Karen Kohl and Allison Fuchs
  • Farnam Leather CPR: Janet Siders, Holly Vigilante, Maggie Gardiner, J. Hunt, Emily Jakob and Sarah Scott
  • Spirit of the Performance Horse Book: Dwight Senter, Sarah McKneally, Leslie Wanamaker, Debbie Irish and Wendy Harding
  • Practical Horseman T-shirt: Stephanie Norris, Jayne Welch, Melissa Miller, Linda Chipps, Jaye-Lynn Crawford, Amanda Wilkins, Nancy Rynerson and Becky VanEenenaam

2005 Horse Blanket Survey

June May Ruse, Fort Bragg, CA
Linda Chipps, Kansas City, MO
Teresa Hicks, Rapid City, SD
Each winner received a $50 gift certificate to HorseBooksEtc.com.

Fence Me In Sweepstakes
(entry period ended September 30, 2005)

Lisa Sapino, Hudson, FL
Lisa won $1,000 worth of fencing from Centaur.

Washington International Horse Show Ticket Giveaway
(entry period ended September 22, 2005)Ali Shabestari, Bethesda, MDGrowing Up With Horses Essay Contest
(entry period ended August 31, 2005)

Age 7 & Under
1st – Bailey Cornilles, 2nd – Ksenya Knowlton, 3rd – Hailey Harms

Age 8-12
1st – Erin Powell, 2nd – Katy Geil, 3rd – Samantha Lee Erler Sellers

Age 13-18
1st – Amanda Iris Gonzalez, 2nd – Kirby Sampson, 3rd – Lauren Mae Tolles

Horse & Rider August Giveaway
(entry period ended August 31, 2005)

SMx Air Ride Western Show Pad
Tim Byrne, Lincoln, NE

Purina Mills Equine Senior Feed
Ana Esquivel, Loveland, CO

Hauling Buddy
Thomas White, Leitchfield, KY

Horse & Rider T-shirts
Heather Aloor, Indianapolis, IN
Carey Brown, Pacific City, OR
Stephanie Jost, Hilbert, WI
Tony Lombardo, Groton, NY
Beverly Paugh, Loxahatchee, FL
Gail Rockwood, West Chester, PA
Ladawna Salsbury, Houston, TX
Jeanne Sanchez, Hooper, UT

Dressage at Devon Ticket Giveaway
(entry period ended August 31, 2005)

Paula Williams, Darlington, MD
Shelly DuBois, Parkside, PA

2005 Dressage Today Reader Survey

Hannah Finder, Arroyo Grande, CA
Hannah won a $50 gift certificate to HorseBooksEtc.com.

Tractor Supply’s Chore-Busting Tips Contest
(final contest ended August 15, 2005)

Nancy Black, Willseyville, NY*
Pam Bjorlo, Fort Collins, CO
Willie Collie, Marshall, TX
* denotes grand-prize winner

Reichert Celebration Ticket Giveaway
(entry period ended July 13, 2005)

Kathy Conley, Pierce City, MO
Janie Siciliano, Springfield, IL

North American Young Riders’ Championships Ticket Giveaway
(entry period ended June 24, 2005)

Randi Abse, Annapolis, MD
Jeannie Armstrong, Buena Vista, VA
Joanna Bickham, Harrisonburg, VA
Jeanie Disher, Glen Burnie, MD
Wendy Harding, Powhatan, VA
Daphne Harris, Arvonia, VA

Rolex/USEF National Show Jumping Championship Ticket Giveaway
(final contest ended June 3, 2005)

Michele Briggs, Carmel, NY
Susan Colby, Wilbraham, MA
Donna Fiorentino, East Patchogue, NY
Pam Gockley, Katonah, NY
Phyllis Hecker, Albany, NY
Cindy Kohlmaier, Pine Plains, NY
Judy Merritt, Rhinebeck, NY
Linda Mulhern, Greenwich, CT
Lois Patane, Glen Gardner, NJ
Alyssa Riley, Holliston, MA

Fleeceworks Perfect Balance Pad Giveaway at the World Cup Finals
(entry period ended April 24, 2005)

Mary Duffy, Ceres, CA

Western States Horse Expo Ticket Giveaway
(entry period ended May 12, 2005)

Diane Barnes, San Rafael, CA
Sarah Bullian, Placerville, CA
M.Y. Mim, Santa Barbara, CA

Everything for Horse and Rider Winter 2005 Sweepstakes
(entry period ended December 31, 2004)

Thornhill’s Bareback Saddle Package
Laura Ward, Williams Bay, WI

Grooming Tools & Grooming Towels from Oster®
Nancy Denk, Jackson, WY
Linda Michalica, Brown Deer, WI

Wintec Kids Western Saddle
Brenda Zoss, Mount Vernon, SD

Outfit from Kerrits and Equestrian Collections
Beth Hand, Howell, MI

Rimfrost Rider Boots by Mountain Horse
Linda Trever, Littleton, CO

HDR Advantage Synthetic A/P Saddle
Julie Bergeron, Moseley, VA

SmartPak Supplement Systems
Kandace Bresina, Gilman, WI
Carla Free, Madison, WI
Tonia Kreis, Dallas, GA
Peggy Paulson, Morristown, AZ
Linda Towry, Grants Pass, OR

Harry Hall Ladies Rothsay Jacket
Kylee Fredrick, Lincoln, NE

Devon-Aire Show Outfit
Regina Miller, Zelienople, PA

TAKA Horse Blanket from Weatherbeeta
Beverly Adamire, Halifax, PA

Jersey Fresh Three-Day Event Ticket Giveaway
(entry period ended April 12, 2005)

Bev Torok, Allentown, NJ
Kent Gage, South Orange, NJ
Abbey Lewis, Coopersburg, PA
Liz O’Leary, Yardley, PA

Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event Ticket Giveaway
(entry period ended April 3, 2005)

Bonnie Small, Pomfret Center, CT
Bobbie Jo Watkins, Doylestown, OH

World Cup Finals Ticket Giveaway
(entry period ended March 22, 2005)

Melissa Barbour, Chino Valley, AZ
Lonni Clarke, Saint George, UT
Kathy Neuts, San Jose, CA
Valerie Soloaga-Thomas, Las Vegas, NV

EquiSearch Horse Pain Management Survey
Jennifer Rizza, Richmond, ILEquiSearch Boots & Bridle Survey
Jodi Miles, Fort Collins, COEquiSearch Horse Owner Education Survey
Jenny Broderick, Shingle Springs, CA
Robin Martinek, Solvang, CA
Kerri Besancon, Belchertown, MA
Kathy Brown, Monclova, OH
Bonnie Elster, Grass Valley, CAEquiSearch Horse Ulcer Survey
Laurie Higgins, Collegeville, PASenior Horse Gallery Contest
(view gallery here)

Jenifer Elwanger, Rainier, WA
Steve Goodwillie, Woodstock, VT
Heather Living, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Growing Up With Horses Sweepstakes
(entry period ended Sept. 30, 2004)

Cheryl Tobey, Rincon, GA, Equestrian Collections winner
Brigette Beasley, Tucson, AZ, Equestrian Collections winner
Julie Tebbs, Richfield, UT, Oster winner
Elizabeth Cafego, S. Rockwood, MI, Oster winner

“Fence Me In” Sweepstakes
(entry period ended Sept. 30, 2004)

Marcia Henry, Westfield, IN
Marcia won $1,000 worth of fencing from ElectroBraid

Karen/David O’Connor Signed Poster Giveaway

Eliza Allison, Wiscasset, ME
Maureen Faherty, Valparaiso, VT
Erin Gilmore, San Diego, CA

Horse Product Survey Giveaway
(entry period ended August 13, 2004)

Kerry Clutter, Palmyra, VA
Angie Meroshnekoff, Potter Valley, CA
Jessie P. Meyer, Bondville, VT

Practical Horseman/Cross Country International Irish Riding Vacation Sweepstakes
(entry period ended June 30, 2004)

Mary Paradise, Elverson, PA

2004 Olympic Trivia Contest

August 6 Trivia: Jennifer Blower, Erin Bowers, Chris Cosdon, Holly Erdely, Jennifer Gilardi, Chelsea Grove, Brian Hakanson, Melanie Hnot, Louise Jones, Dorothy Kirby, Wanda McAlister, Theresa Meagher, Carol Prudom, Elizabeth Putnam, Angelica Ricci, Anna Silvestris, Roger Taaffe, Nicole Tucker, Andrea Varisco, Jerard Weikert

August 13 Trivia Walter Berger, Jennifer Clifft, Jamie Dunn, Kathy Freise, Anita Gumm, Lauren Hobel, MJ Justice, Katie Kennedy, Alison Kerby, Michelle Laszczyk, Deanna McKinney, Karen Morris, Melanie Morrison, Diane Roby, Corinna Schembari, Janice Senter, Megan Siebens, Stephanie Stephans, Beth Thomas, Katherine Weller

August 20 Trivia, Melissa Barbour, Margaret Bergin, Toni Crews, Carol Di Salvo, Susan Donohue, Jenifer Elwanger, Barbara Hill, Samantha Kellermann, Mary Jane Kelso, Linda Kirk, Marvil LaCroix, Chad Long, Kristin Loveless, Kelly Otty, Sheri Pederson, Fran Pope, Amy Thomson, Toni Tidwell, Ed Vaughan, Kaitlin Wilson

EquiSearch Website Usage Survey
(entry period ended May 14, 2004)Gabrielle Hoeppner, Salem, MO
Rick Hubbard, Lagrange, KY
Rose Maguire, Lake Grove, NY
Denise Pederson, Alberta, CanadaVirginia Equine Extravaganza Giveaway
(entry period ended May 2, 2004)

Eileen Wimbish, Millers Tavern, VA
Karen Greenwood, Toano, VA
Carol Prudom, Mineral, VA
Kenneth Stallman, Hopewell, VA
Debra Childress, Amelia, VA
Dana Troutman, Lynchburg, VA
Krystle Tomlin, Lynchburg, VA
Caitlyn Raikes, Richmond, VA
Marilynn Rebby, Chesapeake, VA
Miguel Betancourt, Mechanicsville, VA

Columbus Equine Affaire Giveaway
(entry period ended March 28, 2004)
H. Austin, Pittsburgh, PA
L. Belfiore, Ocala, FL
J. Blankenship, Phoenix, AZ
M. Brown, Morrow, OH
K. Cederholm, Roscoe, IL
C. Cross, Laingsburg, MI
R. Doerr, Evansville, IN
C. Doss, Madison, NC
J. Fiorenzo, Cranberry Twp, PA
M. Hale, Reynoldsville, PA
P. Henderson, Fairmont, WV
B. Johnson, E. Concord, NY
S. Johnson, Gibraltar, MI
M. Kavlakian, Lapeer, MI
E. Lanning, Logan, OH
M. Lemke, San Pierre, IN
D. McGill, Howell, MI
L. Murphy, Oxford, MI
D. Nowicki, Eden, NY
V. Radcliff, Williamsport, OH
C. Shaver, Union, OH
S. Smith, Oil City, PA
K. Sparren, Bolivar, OH
B. Stubna, Morgantown, WV
L. Thibeault, Springfield, OH
R. Thompson, Niles, OH
J. Walton, Lakewood, OH
P. Wise, Wampum, PA
C. Wokojance, Barberton, OHEverything for Horse & Rider Winter 2004 Sweepstakes
(entry period ended December 31, 2003)

Pair of Dansko Half Chaps and Belise Paddock Boots
Eve Gebhardt, Shelton WA

Jackets from Horseware
Tiffini Lowe, Anna, TX
Barbara Levy, Levittown, NY
Laura Macielm, Vineyard Haven, MA
Lisa Richard, Eaton Rapids, MI

Pair Front and Rear Boots from Thornhill Enterprises
Sue Seebeck, Greensboro, NC

Bottles of Hoof Stix Hoof Dressing from Rio Vista
Kristina Frolander, Sedro-Woolley, WA
Nancy Wood, Necedah, WI
Jean Parr, Carbondale, IL
Ruth Jeffcoat, Lexington, SC
Patti Piorkowski, Delta, OH
Melinda Harris, Germantown, MD
Mary Beth Brice, Harrisburg, PA
Brenda Fitzsimmons, Harrisburg, PA
Leann Bearden, Topeka, KS
Teri Rupp, Florence, MT
Richard Finley, Rincon, GA
Bobbie Amling, Valparaiso, IN
Lisa Tharpe, Hallsville, TX
Ronda Satori Pauls, California City, CA
Margaret Hetrick, Landenberg, PA
Ryan Atkinson, Pelehatchie, MS
Dawn Banks, Corydon, IN
Ken Sikora, Buffalo, NY
Crystal Law, Longwood, FL
Lisa Edgar, Waterford, CA
Michelle Garrison, Subiaco, AR
Terrie McCarthy, Orfordville, WI
Sandra Haupt, Morningview, KY
Susan Peck, Bluffton, SC

TAKA Horse Blanket from WeatherBeeta
Lillian Mack, Dixon, CA

Diamond Hitch Tack Collections from Weaver Leather
Sarah Humber, Halifax, VA
Rhonda alQoutob, Troy, NY
Heather Reardon, Miami, FL
George Toye, Reading, PA
Sandy Eldreth, Quarryville, PA

Jeffers Vet Wintec 500 All-Purpose Saddle Set
Sarah Bullian, Placerville, CA

SmartPak Supplement Systems
Maygan Dykes, Lillington, NC
Kari Witham, Morris, AL
Diana Berglund, North Platte, NE
Tarah DeFrang, Saint Paul, MN
Donna Odom, Lees Summit, MO

Partrade Trading Corporation Wintec Western Saddle
Daniel Conover, West Greenwich, RI

Equestrian Collections Outfit
Joy Garbo, Pasadena, CA