Paralympic Competition Days 1-3

September 1, 2012 On day one of the competition, we started off with Dale early in the morning group for the Team Test.??Bonifatius was not thrilled with the crowds, and they finished a bit lower than they would have liked.? Lolu was unfazed by the crowds, was soft and relaxed in his trot work,?but needed a bit more?activity in his walk.? We finished fourth.? Later in the afternoon, Jonathan and Richter put in?a nice, steady, accurate test for a fifth place finish. On day two, Lolu and I had a little break from competing, but we had a good schooling ride, just to keep us on point for the Individual Championship the following day.? Donna and Western Rose walked into their Team Test in the afternoon with confidence and laid down a solid test, ending up in fifth place. Day three started with Dale again having the first ride for Team USA, this time for the Individual Championship.? Bonifatius was a little more comfortable with the crowds this time and they were able to improve on their previous score by four points.? Lolu, unfortunately, did not have his head in the game today.? We will just have to pull it together for the Freestyle on Monday!? Maybe hearing his awesome Freestyle music will help him get his game face on for our final ride of this Paralympic Games. The Individual Championship for Grade 1b this afternoon was a real nail-biter.? Jonathan and Richter had a fantastic ride, holding onto a medal position until the last two riders of the class.? There were some spectacular rides toward the end of the day, and Jonathan and Richter finished in fourth place. Tomorrow Lolu and I will have another schooling ride, and Donna and Western Rose will ride for the Grade 1a Individual Championship.? Here’s hoping everyone puts their best foot forward!

Team USA base camp

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