London is Calling

June 14, 2012–WE DID IT!!! Lolu (Jessica Ransehausen’s Lord Ludger) was phenomenal in the Freestyle.? He rocked out to every step with me. We hit every music cue exactly where we needed to, and it was such a fabulous feeling.? I couldn?t have asked for more out of my horse.? He came out each and every day ready to do his job.? Each day he felt more and more confident and comfortable in the arena. I am so excited to see what the rest of the summer brings.? As it stands now, we are short-listed for the team heading to London in late July. I feel very honored to be where I am at this moment.? I did not make it here alone; this is not ?my? win. It belongs to all of you–to every single person that has ever helped me on this journey with an encouraging word or note to the corporate sponsor. We are one step closer to leading Lolu to London.? Thank you for everything! More later. Read all about the competition and the full results.

Lolu and I take a victory lap after winning the 2012 Para-equestrian National Championship. Image courtesy Susan J. Stickle

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