Lukas, the World’s Smartest Horse

Walnut, California–Inside Edition with Deborah Norville: “Move over Mr. Ed, we have found the smartest horse in the world! You’re looking at the world’s smartest horse. His name is Lukas, he’s 17 ?years old and he can count up to five. Even when we put the numbers in a different order, Lukas still counted them down!”

Owned and trained by Karen Murdock, Lukas is getting some much needed help. His website is expanding to accommodate a wider audience and he now has several assistants to manage his growing popularity. Murdock has enlisted?Hadi Khalil of International Production & Advertising to update the site of “the million-hit-horse.”

Khalil, an experienced professional with an extensive background in television, says, “We’ll be giving Lukas a whole new look, showcasing his extraordinary talents and accomplishments in a very user-friendly and attractive package.”

IPA will provide the site with advanced technology and navigation, a blog, high definition pictures and videos, a calendar of events and much more.

Lukas’ new assistant, Staci Jansma,?will be overseeing the technical aspects of his broadening connections, and she and her crew will allow Murdock and Lukas to do what they do best: PLAY.

Also, a stylist may not be far behind: Lukas’ new Costume Montage is to be released soon!

UPDATE: To read more on Lukas, see the latest story.

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