Mock Show

The last two days have been busy, with a capital B!? We “competed” in a mock show hosted by Para-Equestrian judge Kristi Wysocki.??The clinic?was a really great experience. She had us pick and ride a test of our choice .? Then after we finished our test, she did a run through explaining, what we did well and what we needed to improve on.??After we discussed the highs and the lows, she?had us run through the test again and coached us through the “tricky” parts.? It was great to get the inside scoop on what the judges are looking for.? Kristi was really good about explaining the best way to ride a test and get the most points possible out of each movement.? It was interesting to hear the perspective?that showing is not only about the technical riding, but also about learning how to use the art of ?showmanship to your advantage.? So a huge thank you to Kristi Wysocki for coming in and helping us over the last two days!? I know that I gained alot of the clinic.? I will ride tall and proud and I will stay on the balance beam!!

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