Keep Calm and Gallop On

Jump on board Fran Jurga’s big red doubledecker of a tour bus because we are going somewhere! Set your GPS, enter coordinates in Google Earth, and look it up on Wikipedia: the borough of Greenwich in metropolitan London, England is coming into view. Greenwich is a big city location with a small town feel, and the small town is about to generously give over its beautiful park to the London 2012 Olympics. This is where the equestrian sports, modern pentathalon and Paraympic dressage will be located when the Games open in July. And for the next few months, this blog will be focused on what goes on there, and what people all over the world are doing to get their horses–and themselves–to this lush, green spot in one of the world’s largest and most exciting cities. Grab the RSS feed, bookmark the home page, follow @franjurga on Twitter, and check in with Discover Horses on Facebook to link quickly back here. Expect lots of video, fresh images and the stories you won’t find anywhere else. Nowhere but Greenwich, England, that is: our new home on the equestrian map of the world!

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