Paralympics: Olympics Are the Warmup Act

?25 July 2012

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We interrupt your fun blog about the London 2012 Olympics equestrian events to bring you this…commercial. Why? To remind you that all the hype of the London 2012 Olympic Games might just be warmup. It’s a commercial for the Paralympic Games, which follow the Olympics in many of the same venues in London. But in many ways, the Olympics will be eclipsed by the Paralympics. Every Olympian has a story. But every Paralympian shows a big part of ?his or her story before a word is even spoken. The organization and media behind the Paralympics is extraordinary, and they are not going to let people think that the energy of the Olympics is over when the closing ceremony sends all the able-bodied athletes back to Heathrow to fly home. That’s when the incredibly able Paralympians take over and the power of the stories expands exponentially. Yesterday was a big day for the Paralympics; an agreement was signed with the International Olympic Committee that guarantees that the two events will be held together through 2020. Are there horses at the Paralympics? Of course, and the para dressage horses will be competing in the huge new temporary arena at London’s Greenwich Park, just as the Olympic horses will==and the competition will be just as fierce. More on that later. But as the Olympics open, watch for news about the Paralympics. You’ll be amazed.

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