Patrick Stevens

Home Town: Martinez, CA

Third place man at the 2009 USEF/AVA Championships July 9-12, Patrick Stevens set a high bar for himself. So two weeks later he won the Young Rider event and then faced off with the toughest competition of all at the Kentucky Vaulting Cup when he went against the top U.S. vaulters, and?a European competitor thrown in to make it interesting. It was good training for his win a week later back in California at the AVA Region II Championships.

This year, along with work, college, and lots of riding, Patrick will be doing some yoga, stretching, and dance classes to go with solid vaulting practice … along with a lot of handstands and cartwheels. He feels that all of the Europeans are legitimate threats to?the U.S. vaulters.??You never know how a vaulter will look after a full season of preparation and practice. All I know is that there are six top men and that all of them?are a threat to me.?

He will rise to the occasion by attending the upcoming Trials as well as the CVIs in Canada and Aachen.