Prepping for Training Camp

Training Camp My fellow team mates and I will head to the USET Headquarters on August 12th for training camp.? My team mates are Jonathan Wentz with Richter Scale, Dale Dedrick with Bonifatius, and Donna Ponessa with Western Rose. I love being at Hamilton farm.? It is such an amazing facility to work out of.? It’s very classic with its herringbone brick work and brass topped stall posts.? It is truly an honor to become part of the history and be included in the list of horses and riders that have trained and traveled out of USET Headquarters.? I am looking forward to coming together with my other team mates at training camp. We try and stay connected with each other via some of the social media networks, but being spread out all over the country it is hard to feel truly united as a team. I think it will help build the team spirit by being and working together as a unit at headquarters before we fly out.? The sheer amount of strategic footwork that must go into getting everyone not only to USET, but to the Games, is astounding.? We have an amazing support team to help make everything a success.? Pam Lane is our Team Leader; Laureen Johnson is our Para-Equestrian liaison with the United States Equestrian Federation.? They are fabulous at getting us all organized and meeting all of the deadlines with the mountains of paperwork that are involved in getting to the games.? Missy Ransehousen is our Chef d?equipe and Team Coach; Sharon Schneidman is our Assistant Coach, and Doug Hannum is our facility director and equine sports therapist at the games.?? This is along with all the other people who are so important behind the scenes.? Without the efforts of all these people our team would never get to London. I think we have a really good team going, and I can’t believe we are counting down the final month before our departure.? I can’t wait to represent our country with my fellow team mates!? It is going to be an amazing experience.? Here’s to the final count down. LoLu has been great over the last couple of weeks.? He wasn?t completely convinced that he wanted to go back to work after his mini-vacation, but luckily he is easily bribed with carrots and cookies.? Our plan was to show him at the end of July and the early part of August, but there are surprisingly few recognized shows in our immediate area, so we have opted to have ?mock shows? at several of the other barns in the area.? It will get Lolu off the property and in the ring, but will limit the amount of stress he’s under before we leave for training camp.

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