Selection Trials–Day 1

Four years of training have led up to this event.? The venue for the trials is in ?the Meadows? at Hamilton Farm in Gladstone, NJ.? Both Lolu and Taldi passed the jog.? They looked fabulous thanks to my super groom Alex Philpin.? We had a good schooling session and got them used to the arena and the electronic score board. I rode the team test today.? Taldi went first and got a very respectable 67%.? He could have been more active, but I loved that he stayed relaxed throughout the entire test.? I rode Lolu second and won the grade II division with a 71.78%. I really feel like he is starting to become ?my horse.? He got distracted by the spectators, but he still let me ride him through the test.? The judges liked his elegance and power. My dad surprised me by coming out to the venue to watch.? He got up super early and drove all the way from Erie, PA in order to make it for my ride time.? I seriously have one of the best dads in the world.? It was great getting a ?daddy hug? after my ride.? My family has always been so supportive it was really fun for me to have my dad actually see me compete. Today ended with a less than stellar situation.? Lolu spooked and landed directly on Alex?s foot breaking her big toe.? We just spent the last several hours getting it checked out in the emergency room. It is now booted and bandaged, but going to be very sore.? Tomorrow is the Individual Championship test?bring on day two!

Becca Hart on Lord Ludger | photo by Lindsay McCall

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