Selection Trials–Day 2

Today was awesome, despite the torrential rain throughout the afternoon. Taldi was very consistent, but a little too quiet.? He needed more activity, but was still very respectable with a 65%.? ?I think with more mileage the scores will go up. Lolu had me slightly worried as he was showing some attitude in the warm-up, but thankfully he cooled his jets and put in a phenomenal ride.? He won the day with the overall high score of 73.9%.? Who would have guessed that my dressage horse would be a fabulous ?mudder?? It was a truly special day. Not only did LoLu put in a beautiful test, but my dad was here with me in NJ and got to see it.? This is the first time that he has ever seen me compete on this level.? I loved having him here with me.? It has made a very stressful week considerably better. In order to get out of the rain we took a little field trip to Starbucks to dry out.? When we go back to the barn, I had to fend off Taldi! Apparently he really likes iced vanilla lattes!? It’s something to keep in mind when I need a bribe. The freestyles are tomorrow, and I can’t wait.

Taldi likes his Starbucks

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