Spa Day!

Everyone has been working really hard here at training camp.? The horses and grooms head to Stanstead late tomorrow night; I fly over with the other team riders on Tuesday.? So you would think that today would involve a lot of packing, which it did, but we also opted for a little bit of creature comfort time for both horses and humans.? All the girls?on the team opted to bond over a?manicure and lunch at Gladstone Tavern.

Team Nails–Red, White, Blue, and GOLD!

Meanwhile, Lolu had his own version of a spa day with his own pedicure?done by?fabulous team farrier Todd Meister and? a massage with Laura Scherr-Spilhaus.

Lolu is loving all of the extra pampering he is getting while training here at USET.? Tomorrow will be a very light day of riding and then shipping over to Newwark airport in order?to start the next leg of our journey!

Lolu loves his massage time. Can I get a color?

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