The Adventure Begins?with Packing

August 14, 2012 After four hard years of work the adventure begins again–new partner, new team!? Lolu and I headed to the USET Headquarters in Gladstone NJ today for training camp.?? Besides training well, other challenges must be met!? We were given a two-trunk limit per horse to get all of our equipment to London.? Now, two trunks may seem like a lot, but Lolu is a total clothes horse and likes to travel in style! Thank goodness for Spacebags! One of the boarders at Blue Hill suggested that I try them.? They are mesmerizing. I now get a little too much satisfaction watching my gigantic pile of wraps, towels, and blankets get squashed to a mere fraction of the size as the air is pulled out of the bag. In getting ready to head out I horrified Missy with–get ready for it—plaid shipping boots.? Lolu traveled in his standard fuzzy halter, but (gasp!) I put a set of navy plaid shipping boots on him.? I personally think that Lolu rocked in them.? You guys can decide on your own opinion of ?to plaid or not to plaid.? I like to think of our style as conservative chic. We arrived at beautiful Hamilton Farm and Lolu settled in nicely.? He rather enjoys the extra pampering and the super deluxe, brass-topped stalls.? He is especially pleased with his equine massage sessions.? I enjoy soaking in the history of the place and thinking of all the riders and horses that have worked here?teams I idolized as a young rider just starting through the levels. Today is relatively quiet.? We had a trot up with the team vet at 12:30 just to get a baseline on all the horses and make sure everyone traveled well.? We did a light schooling afterwards and have a team dinner tonight. So excited to start this trip!? We made it; we are leading Lolu to London!!

Becca Hart with Lord Ludger. Courtesy Becca Hart
USET HQ in Gladstone, NJ, site of the Paralympic team training camp. Courtesy Becca Hart

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