Training Camp–Day I

Today consisted of several rain delays; New Jersey is just prepping us for London.? Missy and I rode early this AM to try and get our ride in before we got too wet.? Lolu was pretty good today; he felt a little stiff, but I think it was from traveling yesterday.? He handled the big open atmosphere of Gladstone?s outdoor arena really well.? Jonathan and Dale rode in the morning too.? Jonathan had a nice ride on Silvano.? Silvano is Jonathan?s back-up horse in case anything would happen to his main horse, Richter Scale.? Dale rode Bonifatius (Erik), and they also had a nice school.?? Dale and Erik were seriously rained on, but like true competitors, they didn’t allow a mere downpour to keep them from staying focused and producing good work in the arena.? I huddled in the judge?s booth with Missy to cheer them on. We had a team lunch today at Gladstone, and I was talking some strategy with Dale and Donna.? We have a good team; we just need to really focus on accuracy if we want to try and stay with some of the European teams.? We had a helpful and informative presentation by USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) and FEI Clean-Sport.? We discussed all the procedures and rules that help to keep the athletes and horses safe and comfortable throughout the games.? It is fabulous to have the support and assistance from these agencies; It allows us as riders to focus on competing without having to slog through the rule books.? It looks like we are having a break in the rain, and Lolu and I are going to head out and let him at some grass before the next wave of weather heads in.

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