Unsung Olympic Hero: Dressage Groom Jenny Ellis

British beverage manufacturer Schweppes has a lighthearted promotion for the Olympics. They have identified a series of people they are calling the unsung heroes of the Olympics. And one of them in England’s Jenny Ellis, who grooms for Team GBR’s Richard Davison. Schweppes sent comedian Steve Williams out to meet Jenny at the Davison dressage training center. It’s all good fun, and a not-too-subtle promotion for the company’s Abbey Well bottled water, which is the official bottled water of the London 2012 Olympics. Not only is Abbey Well the official water, it will also be the only water allowed on the grounds at any of the sport venues. Schweppes and Abbey Well are both divisions of Coca-Cola. They expect to sell four million bottles of water at the Olympics.

I love the old Schweppes ads and commercials. A lot of international visitors who will travel to London for the Olympics will expect England to be just like this…

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