Video: Equitrekking’s 10 Great Places to Ride–#10 Waipi’o Valley in Hawaii

Explore Waipi’o Valley’s waterfalls, wild horses and beautiful flowers in this Equitrekking video. Waipi’o Valley is #10 in Equitrekking’s countdown of 10 Great Places to Ride Around the World.

Hawaii is the most isolated chain of islands on earth, lying more than 2000 miles away from North America. Hawaii?s Big Island has an even more secluded destination, one surrounded by 2000-foot majestic cliffs dripping with waterfalls?Waipi?o Valley, the Valley of the Kings.

Waipi?o is the southernmost of seven valleys that run in a chain along the Hamakua Coast. Many visitors stop at the lookout perched high on the southwestern ridge of the valley to observe the valley and its black sand beach. Many are wary of the hike down or do not want to risk their car on the very steep, thin paved valley road. Those who do venture down find a tropical wonderland filled with mana or power and the spirits of ancient Hawaii.

At locally owned Na?alapa Stables all but three of the horses used for trail rides are wild horses that were caught in the valley and trained. The owners say Hawaiian Horses are extraordinarily intelligent. They are also very vocal, whinnying to each other and perhaps to their relatives in the bands that inhabit the back of the valley.


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