What Should Be On Your Horse's Stall Card

Whether you are at home or at a show, you should make sure the stall your horse lives in has a card that provides pertinent information that can identify the horse, give daily care information and allow someone to get in touch with the owner or manager in case of emergency.

Also consider including that information at your trailer if you are leaving your horses tied to a trailer during an event or show.

Here’s what you need to make sure your horse’s stall card includes:

  • Your horse’s name (including the barn name that he responds to)
  • Your name and contact information
  • Your manager or trainer’s name and contact information if they are authorized to make decisions about the care of your horse if you aren’t available
  • A photo of the horse
  • The name and phone number of your regular veterinarian, farrier and any specialists who care for your horse
  • Names and phone numbers of friends or relatives authorized to make decisions about your horse if you aren’t available
  • Feeding schedule along with any required medications to make sure any barn workers who aren’t familiar with that animal can provide that essential care
  • A list of allergies to topical products, medications or feed ingredients
  • Specific instructions that will keep him and those handling him safe, such as “Must wear muzzle during turnout” or “Do not cross-tie” should also be included on the card

Either laminate the information or put clear plastic over the information to protect it from barn dirt and weather.