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While most people experience the Ring of Kerry by vehicle, the best way to take in the beauty of this area is astride a horse. Instead of looking up at the scenery from a crowded roadside, you are immersed in it, riding by idyllic lakes and mountains. Travel high into the mountains to enjoy the stunning vistas of this Southwestern region.

Stay clear of the lonely Hawthorn trees that stand beside old cottages. They are said to be a sacred meeting place for fairies. According to an old Irish superstition, cutting down this white flowering tree will bring bad luck onto you and your family.

Continuing up the trails, there is the aptly-named Windy Gap. No matter the time of year, the conditions here are windy. Wear layers!

The trail up to the Gap is an old ?mass road,? leading to the only Catholic Church in the area. Parishioners would walk barefoot from the village of Glen Car, ten miles away, to attend mass on the opposite side of the mountain. The barefoot walk was a symbol of penance. The trek up the road is steep and rocky, so the horses must be quite fit to undertake this route.

Combining great scenery, history and Irish hospitality, the Ring of Kerry is a great place to explore on horseback.

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