Devon Maitozo

Home Town: Moorpark, CA

Dominating the vaulting roster of American men for the last 15 years or so, Devon Maitozo, personifies focus, perfection, and high expectations. He is a master of dance on horseback. His medals at WEG or World Vaulting Championships include 1996 (Bronze), 1998 (Gold), 2000 and 2002 (Bronze), 2006 (Silver for team), and 2008 (Bronze for team). He is also the only US male vaulter to have won a gold medal at a WEG.

Will he try for it again? Not if his F.A.C.E. Team is selected to represent the U.S. The rules prevent him from vaulting in both events, but F.A.C.E. is not the only team trying to gain that precious spot. Only one team can represent the U.S. and Maitozo wants it to be his. Since?one of the former bases has retired from vaulting on the team, Devon will be there to provide the strong on-horse support needed to fly other members as they go through their intricate maneuvers, as well as provide the enthusiasm, stability and?drive to make the final cut.

Recovering from knee surgery done just this last November, he’s now getting back to his former fitness. After much therapy, he’s again on the horse, though he says he’ll save the?almost impossible dismounts for a bit later in the season. Will he be an individual contender or part of his team? Either way, Maitozo will have spectators up and out of their seats.

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