Doing It All

How’s this for a short list of accomplishments for one American Quarter Horse in one year?

Haidaseeker Playboy. Photo Andrea Caudill
  • Earning a National Reined Cow Horse Association Certificate of Ability in his first year of NRCHA competition
  • Carrying his rider to a United States Dressage Federation bronze medal, and moving through the Third Level tests
  • Adding another 30 miles to his North American Trail Riding Competition competitive trail riding record
  • Volunteering at the local AgFair, doing tricks such as waving an American flag and fetching while teaching crowds of kids about horses

That was 2011 in a nutshell for Haidaseeker Playboy, aka ?Matt,? owned by my friend and co-worker, Andrea Caudill, Q-Racing Journal editor, and the other half of Matt?s successful year.

A 2000 gelding by Docs Haidas Playboy and out of Haidas Seeker by Haidas Little Pep, Matt was bred by Norman Bruce of Rutledge, Georgia. Andrea bought him as a 3-year-old with a little bit of cutting training on him. Since then, she’s had a blast figuring out what Matt will do.

Like any true horsewoman, Andrea credits all her accomplishments to a placid, sorrel, cow pony who will try anything as long as there is a molasses-flavored ?Uncle Jimmy?s Squeezy Bun? treat waiting for him. Matt?s sturdy conformation, willing attitude and true heart are what every cowboy ever dreamed about having under him when the river runs deep and fast.

To me, Matt and Andrea are what loving and owning and competing on an American Quarter Horse are all about ? two buddies seeing what they can accomplish together. They prove that the sky?s the limit when you’re riding an American Quarter Horse.

  • Raising and training your own horse from colt to maturity with an aim to show AQHA, like the Hecht family of Lewistown, Montana (Page 130)
  • Trying AQHA?s new trail competition program, offering a new trail experience (Page 64)
  • Showing a homebred foal in a futurity in his formative weanling and yearling years (Page 94)
  • Trying out the new ranch pleasure class with your working horse or trail riding horse (Page 176)
  • Enjoying versatility and cattle events like Coloradoan Dr. Edgell Pyles (Page 166)

I think Andrea would be the first to say that the only requirement is to have fun ? that’s the most important thing behind anything you try.
I forgot to add, Matt also jumps, has National Reining Horse Association earnings and is the best ride you could find to pack you among the rock outcroppings and yucca of Palo Duro Canyon (I know from experience), just outside of Amarillo.

Take another look at his list. It’s pretty cool. I daresay it’s also not surprising; after all, Matt?s a genuine American Quarter Horse. You?ve got one in your barn ? go see what else he can do!

“Doing It All” was the featured Inside Look in the February 2012 issue of The American Quarter Horse Journal. The Journal loves hearing about the versatility of the American Quarter Horse – if you have a story to share about your special Quarter Horse, email the Journal at [email protected].

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